Decorate a small house

In these times people have to make do with smaller and smaller houses. The square meters of our new house are proportional to the height of the house. For this reason, it is very important now to learn how decorate a small house, because you have to make the most of the space.

In this case, it is enjoy every inch of space it’s in every room. Not only will the house appear larger, but it will allow us to store all our things in an orderly fashion.

To decorate a small house use multifunctional furniture

The first tip for decorating a small house is to use furniture that has more than one function. For example, buy a trundle bed that increase the space in the room. Inside the sofa, you can store clothes or bedding in an orderly and convenient way, saving space in the closet.

If you live in a studio that does not have such rooms, choose a sofa. During the day it will be a living room to receive people, but at night it will be your place to sleep. In addition, there are also models with a sofa, so space is assured.

Finally, opt for rooms with shoe racks and convertible tables. These tables can be stretched and lowered depending on the number of guests. If you are alone, you can leave it as a small table and have space. Another good idea is to use hanging furniture such as shelves. It will give you a chance make better use of space and better distribute the walls.

Bunk beds are your friends

Bunk beds are fun, especially for the little ones in the house. Also, by placing a bed on another bed you save a lot of space, making better use of the vertical of the room.

Of course, now in the world of decor he went a little further. Folding bunk beds are now assembled, which can be stored inside the closet during the day. In this way, the space increases during the day and in the room. it is always neat.

He also uses tricks to give amplitude

Once we increase the space, maybe more feel the little house. Fortunately, there are a few tips to make it feel spacious.

The oldest thing is the mirror thing, a it gives more space to the room. In addition, warm colors and wood or glass furniture will make the house feel more spacious.