The latest trend in home aesthetics

Decorating is undoubtedly one of the activities that require the most creativity, since to highlight it, it is important to take into account a number of factors, including the colors to use, because often. aesthetics largely depends on the combination used of these.

White is one of the most used colors for any type of decoration, because it is one of the most attractive and can be combined with almost any other. Nowadays there is a trend that many people refer to as “Total White”, and as the name suggests, it’s all about use. all white, from paint to accessories.

For many people, it is the best decoration because it can add elegance to any room, kitchen, living room, among other spaces. In social networks, we can note that this trend is becoming more and more popular, in all countries of the world, including Spain.

If you love this color, this new fashion may be what you are looking for to ensure that whatever you decorate is exactly the way you like it. In that case, in this article we present you some tips, so you can get the most out of Total White. Read on and you can take a look at some shapes that will make this type of decoration easier.

Combine several tones in your decor

While this color is your favorite, if you use the same pigment in all of the accessories you include in your home, you probably won’t find it as appealing as you might imagine before you start making the changes you come up with. It is for this reason that it is advisable to think all the shadows you can, and combine them, so that the aesthetics of the space is more attractive.

If you don’t want to saturate, reduce the effect slightly

While the main idea of ​​decorating your home with the above effect is to use everything completely in white, it is also a good option to change some details, using colors that combine, so that you don’t you don’t feel that way if the space is full. This contrast, although subtle you can help make beauty even more your living room or bedroom.

Items you can add other than white include cushions, vases, among other similar details, does not damage the overall effect Full of white.