decoration in sober colors

In these times, we are always in a stressful situation due to work or uncertainty these days. Therefore, we often need to have a little peace of mind at home, that is to say, to be in a place that reassures us. The problem is that colors that are too bright and overloaded can have an effect that is too bright, that is, you can’t relax.

Therefore, solemn colors can help you be much more relaxed because they are able to to express more peace. We will learn how to decorate your house with solemn colors, which will help you in these difficult times.

Decorate with sober colors easily

Subdued colors are those that are not flashy or overloaded. The sober color is one not too different and it is in accordance with the expectation.

In general, white is the sober color par excellence. It is a color that can convey peace, cleanliness and morbidity. In addition, it is able to light up a room and make it more visible, which is crucial for other deliveries. With the white color, you can prevent the house from falling on you and be quieter. For this you can use all white whites, but similar tones like very light yellow.

Of course, you can only decorate with subdued colors using the color white. You can also use itr dark tones, although they should be associated with nature and tranquility. Phosphor blue is not the same as soft navy blue or moss green. These colors also bring serenity and elegance

Speaking of nature, there are warm colors that also work, for example background color. They combine very well with a well-lit house with plants, filling the room with life. Likewise, you can use subdued warm tones, such as pastel pink, which is much more striking than magenta.

Likewise, you can relax with soft shades of gray, like a pearl gray. If you like dark grays, you can also apply them, as long as you respect the rules of harmony with the rest of the house.

Finally, do not just take into account the color of the wall, since it is necessary to take care of the the furnitureas well as its quantity. Do not have too much furniture so as not to overload the room and bet on solemn colors that blend with the house.