decorate a small kitchen

As a rule, people with small kitchens it barely decorates this aspect of the house. It is not decorated because it is believed that the functionality is lost in this way, but that is not really true.

In fact, if you know how to do it right, you can decorate a small kitchen without losing any function. You can have a beautiful, functional kitchen at the same time if you follow these little tips.

Tips for effectively decorating a small kitchen

First of all, you need to know what a small kitchen can be decorated equal to the use of space. The more free space, the more space you will need to add other decorative elements. To enjoy it, use the same top shelves or install inexpensive items like hangers or boxes, which allow you to store what you don’t use a lot.

If possible, you can do a small renovation, buy shelves hanging on the wall. With them you will be able to enjoy the vertical space as long as possible, leaving the vertical space free. You can even put things on top of these shelves, in the space that goes up to the ceiling. Likewise, if you have a pantry or a safe, you can put away anything that you don’t use regularly.

that is to say better than the tools you use every day are visible. First of all, it will give you more aesthetics, because these are also decorative elements. In addition, it is a practical thing not to look at what you use every day in the cupboards or shelves.

Being a small space, you can increase the amplitude with light colors like white. Of course, combining the color of the dishes or utensils with the color of the wall can be a good idea, as these are also decorative elements.

Another little tip to increase space is combined and contrasting coatings. For example, if half of the wall is tiled and the other half is a solid color, the ceiling will appear to be taller, giving the impression of space that we are so interested in.

Another thing you should keep in mind is lighting, because it is crucial to increase the feeling of space. Make sure you have plenty of natural light, with curtains that allow for as many windows as possible. Likewise, it uses artificial light that increases brightness, using powerful lights and even putting lamps on the shelves or new pendant lights that complement the main light.