decorate your rental apartment

Due to the economic situation, more and more people They rent apartments instead of buying them. The problem is that some of them have ugly or old fashioned decor, not being able to do a big renovation because the apartment is not ours.

Fortunately, although we cannot do major renovations, we can decorate the rented apartment and make it look different completely different. Do it and you can show off a designer floor without having any problems with your landlord.

Tips for decorating your rental apartment without touching up

The first thing is get rid of that unused furniture, more used. Talk to your landlord to see if he can build them or store them in a storage room so they’re not visible.

Where that is not possible, do not worry. You will be able to use removable vinyl decorate without damaging the furniture. When you get off the ground, you can remove everything and leave it as it is in a matter of minutes.

Vinyl can be applied in more rooms, such as on the wall. It will look a lot nicer than ever and come off easily when you go.

There are also other removable solutions, such as click vinyl or laminate flooring, which sit over the old floor and can then be taken apart. Also some stickers on old devices they can work miracles.

One of the biggest issues with renting apartments is the bathroom, as it is usually lousy. Of course, its aesthetics can be improved change the shower curtain and if the owner leaves us, paint the tiles another color.

If the owner allows you, repaint the house in another color, choose the most suitable colors. If you want to hang pictures without making holes, use hooks, pins or tape.

Since you can’t do major renovations, try to make sure what you can change is of the highest quality. This includes the bed and sofa covers. By the way, good sofa or chair covers can transform a “Tell Me” room into a modern one.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask your landlord for permission to make small improvements. Many times you can make discounts on your rent in exchange for painting or decorating your home. Think about it the advantage for him isWell, the house will be in perfect shape when you leave.