Zen interior garden, the components that you should never miss

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The interior zen garden is one of the many ways with which we have the possibility of occupying the interior of our home with beauty. According to its origins there are mixed criticisms. For quite a few they sprouted in monasteries as a medium for meditation.

Indoor zen garden in the wooden house by the sea


On the other hand, others refute this theory, arguing that the friars preferred closed places for meditation. What is true is that this way of gardens is ideal for meditation and the search for relaxation.

Indoor zen garden with rocks and plants

zen garden interior light wood tone flowers

To create them within our home, a few elements will be enough. The space that we have the possibility to dedicate to it can be easy. As we can see in several images, steps of stairs have been used.

Garden in Modern Bath Side Region

zen garden indoor rocks white shower bamboo

Exactly the same interior corridors to make the interior zen garden. According to the usual gardens, in such a case the beauty is supported by other data. The aesthetic is reflected in the minimalism of the forms.

Initiative variation for long bathroom

zen garden interior led bathrooms wood color

As well as in the symbology that several of the elements of these gardens have. To use an example, if we start from gravel, it makes an allusion to the sea. It is common to see on them multiple lines that are the representation of the state of the water area.

Very elegant contrast of white gravel and rocks

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Apart from these 2 elements, indoor or outdoor Zen gardens are made up of small stones in the same way. They are intended to view most of the area apart from the larger ones.

Bath with rocks and natural elements

zen garden interior wood light effects rocks

They do not have the possibility of missing the different touches of green with certain plants. More than anything bonsai or moss, in the same way you have the possibility of using ferns. If feasible, a small pond can be integrated. This aspect will show the interior of the house very impressive.

Applied to modern space with LED lighting

indoor zen garden rocks effects concepts led

For larger indoor environments even a small bridge will have a huge visual effect. Beyond the elements and space, the indoor Zen garden should bring harmony. In this, the predisposition of each and every one of the elements related to tranquility plays a fundamental role.

Design for extensive interior patios

indoor zen garden paths trees trunks streets

If we design them for the interior of our house or the patio, it is not a requirement that they exist enormous dimensions. In both cases, care always and at all times will be an easy activity that will not steal a good time.

Attractive design with a small stone bridge

houses bamboo water fibers decpration effects colors

Eminently then we should not be concerned with points such as the elevated sun. Apart from the examples that we see in the images, any space is incredible for a small indoor Zen garden. If we choose them outside the house, the balconies or terraces will be excellent.

Indoor garden with bamboo plants

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For the interior, apart from the models in the images, there are the so-called bonsai. A very interesting modality to which you can also dedicate some time. They are small models that in this way provide us with peace of mind.

Inviting modern space with bamboo and white gravel

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We have the possibility of putting them on the tables and also integrating them into the decoration of our interiors. In the same way, they have the possibility of being located in spaces such as living rooms or even rooms. If we have a reading region at home in the same way, they will be excellent.

Located under staircase in updated home

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This variation can be combined with an area for listening to music or other relaxing occupations. A corner will suffice to locate them due to the fact that in most cases their dimensions are similar to those of the trays designed for breakfast.

Ideas for modern bathrooms

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The design is identified by having the edges at a greater height. This allows the different materials for the design of our garden to be contained. The indoor zen garden, regardless of its size, can be divided into zones with different materials.

Variation for passage region indoors

white hallways lines mirrors mulch

More than anything, in the case of the smaller ones, there is the possibility of using slats. The so-called bonsai, as we mentioned, can be seen with a glass. It will only be necessary to leave an opening to rake the sand. This also offers us many options such as the situation of the candles.

Small garden supplemented with flower pots

warm wooden elements aspectis armchairs

They will be able to put on the area and offer an attractive image to the whole group. The candles are a more special natural tranquillizer, you have the possibility of combining scented candles and other colored ones. It is positive that miniature Zen gardens are located in spaces with good vibes.

House with modern ornate and indoor garden

colors styles elegant houses pines

Priority directed east. These would be elements that would be added to those named and that are essential for their symbolism. As is the situation of the water in this pleasant space with rocky paths.

Rest region with rocks and stone paths

indoor zen garden trails led rocks

As it is the situation of the sand to normalize the bad thoughts, and the negative reactions, of the same you move them. Creating a convenient area for relaxation. Nor do we have the possibility of forgetting the rocks as a representation of the obstacles and the experiences of life.

Setting with rocks and potted plants

stable vases furniture armchairs plants

The situations of stones with a certain irregularity and that are asymmetric will have a greater energy load. They are by established norm a representation of the mountains. The general effect of Zen gardens within our homes is always and at all times very therapeutic.

Combination of waves and lines in gravel

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The truth is that we will perceive its effects more than anything inside us. Without ruling out the enormous aesthetic clash about the decoration of our home. Like this small region decorated with cascading plants and other wooden elements.

Soil with rocks and gravel of different sizes

furniture wood functional styles walls

As we mentioned, the dimensions are never going to be an aspect that does not limit in the least. If we do not have a location under a staircase or some region of passage, we can opt for this minimalist design. It is an ideal variation.

Minimalist Zen garden model

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In practice, it could be located in any part of the house because it is on a wooden tray. Any corner is going to be special, whether in the living room or in any room. His aesthetic clash will never pass for prominent.

Incredible complement for the living room

small garden paintings spheres bamboo concepts

In the situation of the upper image they will be able to transform in the same way into a special complement to the decoration. The selection of bamboo plants and rocks harmoniously strengthen the interior of this home.

Design variation with rocks in Zen space

armchairs spaces color sectors wood chairs

Highlighting more than anything multiple natural data and the unmistakable accents of the use of wood. Combined with greenery and other green accents reflected in the huge painting on the wall. Have fun with these productions and find the one of your style.

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