Zen Bath Photos

If you are looking to personalize your Zen bathroom, here we offer you certain ideas that you can integrate into your space. Zen decoration transmits tranquility and peace. For all those who want to get involved in this style of decoration and transform this area as relaxing as feeling in a personal spa, do not hesitate to go for minimalism, with linear finishes, neutral colors and natural textures on the walls or floors in wood or stone. Plants also belong to Zen decoration, for this reason, you can integrate certain with green leaves and have the feeling of being close to nature.


A Zen bathroom is perfect for spaces where a lot of natural light enters and is complemented by lamps with simple minimalist designs, generally embedded. To contemplate the windows, they usually use bamboo or wooden blinds.


Make a space for meditation, relaxed and harmonious through the different materials that nature provides us with simple designs and in a partially large area where furniture or ornamental accessories are not abundant. These have the possibility of being hidden in order to make the bathroom look neat and orderly.


Among the choices to detect certain basic elements of the bathroom and make it look tidy is putting on-line dressers on one side of the bathroom like the image above.


The bathtubs are an enormous complement to integrate into the Zen bathroom, there are different choices, certain that look splendid are those that are embedded in a wooden base, whether it is uninvilable or on the floor. of wood. Others like the image above, an easy bathtub with an ornate environment for rest and meditation with a huge view, candles and a small oriental-style shelf by the window.


Small areas decorated with stone or wood on the floor manage to change the appearance of the bathroom. Light neutral colors are ideal to offer an acceptable illumination to this wonderful design.


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