Zen Bath Collection by Primark spring-summer 2016

Zen Primark bathroom

At this time that winter is coming to an end, many people are encouraged to make certain small changes in their home to offer the welcome to the spring for everything prominent. Are you one? Since today we are going to propose that you start with the bathroom, a room that is becoming more and more important in the home, since it went from being a space solely destined to carry out our pretensions and clean up, to become a genuine temple relaxation where you can escape from the daily routine and stress.

To help you with your bathroom renovation for spring, today we want to tell you about the latest compilation of Primark Hogar. We talk about Zen bathroom, a selection of proposals that will allow you to transform your bathroom into a genuine haven of peace. Would you like to know much more data? Since we advise you not to miss anything that we tell you now!

Transport your head to moments of peace

In this new compilation for the home, Primark reveals its obsession with the tropical, while plants, lush and green are quite important in Zen Bathroom, while also having a lot to do with the holidays. In this way, the signature low cost offers to be based on Zen, a style of minimalist spirit that calls for a much more retarded and relaxed lifestyle. Undoubtedly, a perfect space to start applying it is the bathroom, where you will be able to light several candles that will help you transport your head to moments of peace the moment you take a bath. In this way, the brand not only offers us a refreshing range of colors and motivating slogans, but also gives us a lot of candles. Special mention should be made of the assortment of scented white tea candles, which have a captivating fragrance that evokes the Far East and exotic infusions.

Zen Bath Primark1

A trip to a destination with palm trees

How could it be otherwise, in the compilation we managed to find the odd pattern. Highlight, yes, the foundation with leaves and palms, which will transport you to places with palm trees. On the other hand, the vivid green will make you feel much more positive, since we are talking about a perfect color to raise the spirits. In addition to this, it is essential to take into consideration that green is a relaxing hue that is visually treated with less effort.

Prayers, notices, and positive notes

Just in case all of the above is too small for you, Primark also provides us with prayers, warnings and positive notes, which are included in their compilation of wall decorations. We are talking about easy propositions, although very successful. To use an example, we managed to find a nice group of three paintings that combines perfectly with the zen inclination, so they will help you make relaxing corners.

Zen Bath Primark2

Other models in the build

In addition to what we have just told you about, the compilation includes other various models to achieve a bathroom and a Zen home, such as, for example, some incredible green towels with a print of palms and leaves that will give you a touch of joy and peace to your bathroom. There is also no lack of cushions, boxes, mats, glass lanterns, shower curtains … Now we leave you with our Gallery, where you will find the images that the firm has arranged to show us this compilation, apart from several of the products that belong to it. If you want to know much more information about costs or other data, all you have to do is take a look at the firm’s website or offer you a tour of one of its stores.

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