Wooden porches and garden decks

wooden ventilated garden deck

The wooden porches have the possibility of being the ideal complement for any house. Despite huge porches they are often thought of as a southern thing, which became popular at sites across the country. A beautiful porch has something that truly creates a warm and pleasant feeling in a home, even before entering the interior.

Authentic Wood Deck and Porch Designs

modern house terrace wooden porches

Seriously, if you’ve ever spent a great day sitting on a porch, you’re going to know how great porches can be. Whether you want to sit outside with a great book, or relax after a long day, the porches can give you that special outdoor space.

Original terrace design with wooden pergola

wooden pergola porch terrace

Porches, like everything else, come in a great variety of designs and styles. Brick or stone, porches can be built to blend seamlessly with today’s look and feel of your home.

Original Asian house design with wooden porch

asian house design wooden porch

However, even with the countless options that are free, there is nothing like the traditional look and feel of wood. Wood is very versatile and can be painted to suit your taste.

Magnificent updated terrace with wooden deck

great wooden covered terrace

Whether you’re considering adding a porch to your home, or just want to check out some of the great designs out there, you can’t miss these images we’ve chosen for you.

Original porch design with bamboo cover

great design covered porch bamboo terrace

This beautiful design that appears above shows a ventilated cover made of bamboo canes, a very interesting alternative option that manages to resemble wood.

Pavilions and garden sheds with porch

original booth porch platform

A porch should not always be at the entrance of the house; It can also surround any shed or garden pavilion. In this image you can see how excellent a small region of relaxation around a winter terrace would be.

Original terrace design with wooden roof

original wooden roof terrace

This incredible terrace with fireplace is covered by a natural wood roof and stone columns that match the rustic fireplace design.

Entrance porch design with wooden pergola without dependency

independent wooden pergola house porch

In this design, on the other hand, we can consult an original wooden pergola that complements the porch of the house, providing much more shade to the corner.

Design ideas for a garden porch with a hardwood floor.

porch garden wooden floor

This model of porch has a cover inside the front. Such a deck in addition to this is equipped with ceiling fans that will make the summer afternoons something much cooler and more pleasant.

Original modern building with wooden porches

modern covered garden terrace

If you choose minimalism or a much more contemporary and orderly style, in such a case you may enjoy much more of a design like the one that appears in the image above.

Porch design for Casa Rocas by UN Arquitectura

Modern wooden porches Casa Rocas

The wooden porch that we see in the image above is part of the project called Rock House by UN Arquitectura. The summer home is located in the Beato Domingo spa, in central Chile, where there is Mediterranean weather and quite a lot of wind. The house is built in 2 scenarios in which the central patio is the privileged core region of the house, the building begins with 2 volumes of different material that are detailed perpendicularly. The first is an open, reinforced concrete houses the public area, and the second is a black painted wood composition where the rooms are.

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