Wooden pergolas – designs for every type of garden

modern pergola white ventilated ceiling

We show you again the wooden pergolas, essential elements for the relaxing locations of patios and gardens, do not miss our compilation of fifty models of pergolas to be able to match them and choose the much more appropriate model for your garden, we hope you enjoy the walk.

Modern wooden pergolas

nice pergola platform porch wood

In the image above we have a wooden pergola that extends from the front of the house, forming a small porch with 2 columns that support the roof, apart from a wooden interface with 2 steps and a railing. Inside, a fire pit, a portable barbecue and multiple seats with backrest have been put.

Wooden pergola with hanging sofa

nice design swing pergola curtains

The next model instead shows a design with composition without dependency and a wonderful hanging sofa with multiple chains. We really can’t think of a better space to enjoy a nap in the open air, a slow rocking accompanied by the singing of the birds and a view of a natural landscape of green tones, a genuine gem.

Candela model wooden pergola

modern design wooden pergola awnings

Now we can consult a pergola with a modern design with much simpler and minimalist shapes. There is talk of the model called Candela that has sliding canvases that have the possibility of being located in multiple different ways to be able to contemplate different areas of the garden and make semi-covered spaces for leisure.

Wooden pergola with white curtains

classic style wooden pergola curtains

The wooden pergolas as a general rule are equipped for the placement of curtains on the sides. These curtains have to be made from much more resistant materials since they will have to withstand much harsher conditions than indoor curtains. In addition to this, a much more solid canvas curtain will insulate the interior of the pergola much more efficiently and protect it from the wind on much colder days.

Design of a pergola with a trellis roof

white curtains modern wooden pergolas

We leave you at this moment with the rest of the images of wooden pergolas for the garden, see the different styles and genres of decoration to understand the much more recent trends and do not miss our products since we will continue to show you the most recent news when it comes to interior design and decoration.

White outdoor curtains

white wooden pergolas curtains

Interior decoration of wooden pergola

interior decoration pergola wood flowers

Design for a terrace with a wooden pergola

white wooden pergolas design

Wooden pergola with awnings

design pergola wood awnings paper

Modern design wooden pergolas

great design pergola wood beach

Wooden pergola with dining room furniture

dining room furniture garden pergola wood

Design for a wooden pergola with a covered roof

garden furniture pergola wood curtains

Pergola decorated with wicker furniture and colorful cushions

wicker furniture cushions blue colors

Updated wooden pergola design

original pergola wood curtain

Wooden pergola with bamboo roof

original pergola infinity pool landscape

modern style wooden pergola

pergola white curtains pool views

wooden pergola white curtains

pergola modern design pool

large pergola beige awnings

pergola gray wood curtains

zen style garden wood pergola

pergola garden porch house furniture

wooden pergola design hanging bed

gray wooden pergola curtains

pergola wood curtains orange bands

wooden pergola beige curtains

pergola wood curtains vertical stripes

pergola wood green curtains chairs

pergola wood shape corner chairs

wooden pergola plants white curtains

wooden pergola rounded roof

pergola wood white roof

black pergola white marble columns

modern white wooden pergolas

gray wooden pergolas

black wooden pergolas columns

pergolas wood blue curtains

pergolas wood curtains bulbs

modern wooden pergolas inside swimming pool

pergola white padded wicker sofa

pergola ceiling wood beige curtain

pergola awning beige curtains

pergola wood parasol blue color

porch pergola wood gray curtains

wicker chair beige curtains

green chairs pergola wood design

sofa plant pergolas wood curtain

pergola awning black bands rocking chair

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