What are dry toilets


Most people only know one gender of lavatory, that is, the one that marches with water. Of course, few are those who are aware of their problems. The most essential, apart from the fact that it can produce sewage, is that it works with a natural resource as essential and little as water. To carry out this problem, dry toilets were devised, which are much more ecological.

Today in Home ideas We want to tell you what dry toilets are and what their virtues are. Would you like to join us?

They march without water

Also popular as ecological bathrooms, dry bathrooms or toilets are identified by running without water and by not being connected to the water network residual. On the contrary, they transform excrement into compost, a natural fertilizer that can be used in gardens, orchards and flowerpots.


Various types of dry toilets

It is essential that you keep in mind that there are different types of dry toilets. Depending on how the decomposition From the remains we were able to find those based on dehydration, a development that is achieved with heat, proper ventilation and the addition of a drying material; and those based on decomposition or composting, in which human excreta is deposited in a chamber next to other organic materials to disarticulate the solids.

In this last type of dry bath, it is essential to monitor the temperature, air circulation and the humidity, among many other components. To be able to use the compost, you have to wait about 10 months.

Virtues of dry toilets

Undoubtedly, among the main virtues of dry toilets is that they represent energy savings. Besides this, they do not pollute the environmentThey do not give the appearance of bad fragrances or mosquitoes, they adapt to any home and have a very low cost.

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