Water in indoor and outdoor pond designs. –

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Water is a factor that completely changes the image of our spaces. By using it in our exteriors or even indoors we add an attractive focal point. Eminently with the design of ponds that can be too varied when it comes to shapes and styles. In a small space in our patio we have the possibility of creating an authentic ecosystem. It will be enough to add certain fish, plants and make certain areas of shade. The water will take care of the rest, giving the landscape a captivating touch.

Water as an element in design

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As we mentioned and we will see in the images, the interior is not far behind in this sense. Indoor gardens with ponds are a mark of distinction. Primarily under the stairs or to the side of them. A small pond creates a fabulous view more than anything throughout the nights. With a custom lighting design tailored to your needs, these areas of the stairs will look much more harmonious. The examples that we propose include more than anything modern spaces.

Water applied to indoor ponds

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They have eminently delicious natural data such as working with rocks and other ornamental elements. Each pond increases its beauty thanks to the colors of the carp. This aspect in addition to this has multiple convenient points apart from aesthetics. Our interaction with these fish and just observing them will provide relaxation. The act of nurturing them, caring for them, has the possibility of having therapeutic values ​​in itself. We must also meditate that a pond with carp or not will have a work value.

Design for modern patios

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In addition to this then it will have to be sustained in great conditions with which we must meditate before deciding on one. In the situation of the tents they will need attention which can take time. You have to estimate other elements such as time. Even a protection against predators. Certain of these adversities can be avoided if they are located inside the home. We will be able to enjoy these ponds any occasion. Perhaps the main drawback is the humidity of the place with which we must meditate in a dehumidifier if the situation is.

Updated dining region outdoors

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Without a doubt, the sacrifices will be worth it and the change will be extreme. As complements for these ponds, it is possible to place other statues near them to complement them. Primarily with fundamentals of natural subjects such as birds and other animals. Among the two options, the outdoors is undoubtedly the most common. The designs are different from raised ponds to others surrounded by plants and shrubs. They could also stand at the entrance near a path and march in the form of an aquarium.

Small pond with glass wall

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All you have to do is add a glass segment between the sides. Still other modern alternatives chose to make everything in glass and increase the viewing area. Either option is going to be like having your aquarium. We and those who visit us will be able to clearly enjoy the movement and color of the fish. We simply have to be systematic in cleaning the glass and not leave it until then. For these situations, the location of the pond is also essential, whether it is inside or outside. It can be accompanied by a comfortable furniture for moments of reading and recreation.

Modern interiors with ponds

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Perhaps you simply choose a very elegant wooden bench that best complements nature and the garden. There is going to be no better solution to reestablish our state of mind. Primarily if it is located at the entrance of the house or in a waiting area for all who visit us. In terms of styles, this genus of ponds is also very malleable. Although their clash in Zen-like environments is of course undeniable. The ponds and gardens that have them inside can offer us different panoramas as they get the day.

Varied in 2 scenarios with plants

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One is the night because of the various nuances that the water exhibits thanks to the lighting. A suitable light design will show us a different patio, it should be thought before starting its construction preferably. The artificial lights in combination with the stars are going to be a sight to behold. The lights have the possibility of being arranged in multiple ways. Apart from emphasizing the water, they have the possibility of offering importance to other ornamental elements. Plants apart from statues have the possibility of being a sample case of this.

Combination of materials

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Other alternatives more than anything with lighting from the base of the pond will make it show modern and unique. Eminently for small pond situations it is still a simple way to give them importance. In general, it is positive that the pond, if it is located outside, is not completely covered by trees. More than anything to avoid that the water deteriorates due to the fall of leaves and their accumulation. To avoid these occasions it is recommended that you receive at least 4 hours of sunlight each day depending on your location.

Natural setting with plants

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Apart from the supplements that we discussed for oxygenation, a cascade will be really useful. They also give a very elegant and peculiar touch. Its sound has a relaxing and energizing effect on our mood. Everything must start with the selection of the space, more than anything to animate a corner without a tool. You can also appreciate the use of rocks and plants that are in the landscape. In this way the pond will look much more than it comes inside and your patio too harmonious.

Patio with extensive pond

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You have the samples of designs here. Much more than seventy ideas for different spaces full of imagination and distinction. All of them are a reflection of what can be done regardless of the style of our spaces. Eminently with the use of natural elements in the situation of outdoor environments.

Demarcation with white rocks

water living rooms wood fish modern crystals

Indoor plant pond displays

water living rooms houses currents flowers

Roads and ponds in transition areas

water living rooms wood living rooms white crystals

Located under stairs

water rooms metal parios glass doors

Ornamental elements in pond

water salons methods exits plants

Modern interiors, wooden edges

water living rooms landscapes samples areas colors

Variation with small waterfall

water rooms walls trails things island

Modern outdoor pond

water living rooms small plants sofa armchairs

Natural light entrance

water specific rooms halls strong terraces

Falls from rock walls

water rooms rocks walls trends warm

Complemented with wooden path

water lounges trails neighborhoods tents

Distinguished, natural-looking exteriors

elegant details contour salons

Pond in primordial entrance

high entrances houses woods chairs crows

Plants and waterfall over pond

small cascade covered rooms plants rocks

Small rounded design

circular springs talents rooms trees

On entry

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Image with spot lighting

colors nights fields trends lights

Decorated with colorful accessories

colorful cheer designs doors fonts

With natural looking waterfall

colorful color scheme living rooms bridges lines

Initiative for entry path

contemporary fountains gardens museums trails

Ornamental plants and elements

colorful details orange fish lines

Lined with local rocks

colorful details orange fish decorative natural

Elongated pond with waterfalls

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Modern, corten steel elements

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Ornamental statues of animals

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