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living room ideas for vertical gardens

Today we want to show you multiple incredible ideas for vertical gardens. This novel inclination to contemplate walls and walls with vegetables is being built very quickly and today we will see multiple ways to carry out a vertical garden in a simple way.

Authentic ideas for vertical gardens

pretty decoration walls plants

The use of vertical planes, of course, makes sense for those who have limited horizontal space as well as the inhabitants of small floors, but even those who have enormous characteristics have the possibility of favoring new and creative ideas for taking pictures. its gardens at enormous heights.

Great indoor vertical gardens

nice wall living room plants deco

Normally, quite a few people give their opinion on vegetables and edible plants when talking about vertical gardens, but in our compilation of images you will be able to check that the selection of plants is in itself an indispensable section of the venture.

Original terrace design with vertical gardens

vertical garden terrace design

You can clad finished walls or exterior end walls with different colored plants to provide a vivid architectural look.

Customize walls and fences with plants

decorate walls facades cans plants

When it comes to containers or pots for plants, the options we have are also multiple. We have the possibility to use old cans, glass jars or any kind of recycled material.

Ideas to decorate terraces with vertical planters

decorate terrace vertical planters

If you spend some time online, you will see planters made of elements such as concrete blocks, wooden pallets, and rain gutters.

Wall design with vertical planters

stupendous wall vertical planters

Free in the home improvement stores, there are in addition to these very rare and creative vertical planters.

Great ideas for vertical outdoor gardens

 ideas for vertical gardens

When you plant groceries, use only new cement blocks and wooden pallets that have not been chemically treated.

Ideas for making vertical gardens

ideas for vertical gardens

Hang much smaller containers like these anywhere you like to offer a vertical touch of interest. Combine the lettuces and herbs with flowers every one year of colors for a planting that is edible in unison.

Authentic DIY vertical garden ideas

original ideas vertical gardens DIY

In this image you can see multiple designs and also ideas for vertical gardens; on the left, a panel with a beautiful selection of meaty ones; in the center a pallet with multiple pots and to the right a grate decorated with clay pots.

Customize your walls with vertical gardens

ideas decorative plants wall

You can see small windows or holes in the vertical surfaces from which colorful leaves explode with attractive textures and shapes.

Simple ideas for home vertical gardens

simple home vertical garden ideas

With a wooden frame, a wooden back panel, some dirt, and a wire display, you can make a beautiful garden that hangs from the wall of your house.

Nice vertical garden made with wooden boxes

vertical garden wooden boxes fruit

These wooden box gardens are ideal for meaty plants, as these plants have shallow root systems.

Remarkable planters for growing vertical gardens

special vertical terrace planters

Forgo the grime and use gravel or water to make a garden using a hydroponic system. While most indoor hydroponic systems cross over a window, there are also vertical garden planters that have their proprietary hydroponic system to support thriving plants.

Authentic hanging planters for the terrace

decorative terrace strawberry planters

Windows are the ideal place for an indoor garden, since you can monitor both the temperature and at the same time offer your plants plenty of sun.

Ideas for growing plants in old pipes

vertical planters pipes lettuce terrace

Virtually anything that has an opening to hold dirt can be used as a vertical garden and that includes plumbing pipes. If your cylinders are made of metal or plastic, you can transform them into an artistic design with shooting cylinders outside that practically resemble trees.

Easy ideas to create vertical gardens with homemade materials

vertical garden simple deco ideas

You can dispose of those used bottles in the recycling bin or you can transform them into your garden on the wall. You only need to cut one part of the plastic bottle and nail them to the wall.

Exterior wall with vertical planters in rustic style

rustic style vertical planters

Now, you can fill the bottles with the plants and certain herbs. Now look at certain ideas for vertical gardens that we have chosen for you.

Vertical garden design in concrete blocks

wall facade drawers cement

Concrete blocks are an acceptable option if you have decided on a static vertical garden and are completely sure of its location and design.

Vertical garden design with different kinds of lettuces

original vertical garden lettuce

The sideboards decorated with vertical flowerpots are special for making gardens quickly and easily, the plants are arranged in a row and their care can be done in a really simple way.

Original design of small vertical garden on the wall

original mini garden design

We are attracted by the initiative of making a small vertical garden without dependence on a panel or a wooden frame. For its elaboration we have the possibility of taking an example from the following image;

Authentic vertical garden designs with hearty plants

original vertical gardens succulent plants

A piece of grating with a wooden frame has been used. The substantial plants were hooked on the fence until each and every one of the holes was completely covered. The end result is a beautiful green painting with a life of its own.

Pictures for indoor vertical gardens

interior vertical gardens panels

These live paintings have the possibility of adopting the shape and size you want, and are special to decorate both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Wonderful vertical garden design with steel frame

original garden design

You can also carry out exactly the same procedure by adding a steel frame or another material of your liking to achieve a much more modern and shiny finish like the one we see in the image above.

Modern Design Steel Vertical Garden

vertical garden modern design living room

A vertical garden will give your home that fresh touch that you long for, so much so that you do not wait much longer and gather the necessary materials to achieve your vertical garden,

Modern terrace designs with vertical gardens

modern terraces patios vertical plants

We will return very soon with much more attractive news about decoration and interior design, you have to know our website.

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