Vertical garden design full of greenery for every style

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Currently one of the most important problems we face is pollution. This, added to the proliferation of creations, is affecting the proportion of green spaces that we have.

Vertical garden design in front of buildings

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This lack of space to cultivate in the frequent way can be fixed with the initiative that we have today. The vertical garden creative design and that will not go unnoticed is a huge solution. So much for the inconveniences of space to recover the so essential green areas at home.

Vertical garden contrasting design indoors

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This is because it is common for new buildings to have the precise spaces for which they were designed. This novel and interesting form of cultivation will allow us to enjoy various panoramas.

Creative initiative for recurring spaces

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In the same way, it will be an incredible way that will help us breathe considerably cleaner air. The vertical garden design of the space and the ornate will complement each other perfectly. Essentially due to the fact that this genre of gardens can thrive in different growing media.

Attractive workspace with vertical garden

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The plants that we place in them have the possibility of growing even though the substrate is much rather light. We only have to ensure a type of floor that can be natural or synthetic fibers. Supported by resistance and also with a low weight.

Initiative for distinguished and attractive exteriors

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The vertical garden will be able to be installed in any space or area. Although we must be cautious with the plants that we select to integrate in it. If we choose to make one, it will be an incredible complement to the architecture of the premises.

Different variations of plants to grow

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In the same way that the environment is beautified, we maximize the use of space. The unbeatable, that is, it is done in a sustainable way. This complementation that gardens make to architecture dates from its beginnings.

Complement for the exterior of terraces

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Essentially at the time they were shaped by Patrick Blanc based on the aesthetics of tropical forests. According to their classification, there are 2 types of vertical gardens. The first of these gardens are hydroponics with very special specifications.

Modern wooden wall with gardens

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In such a case the roots grow in polyamide felts, polyester among many others. The main aspect that establishes the advancement and development of plants in these situations are nutrients. In the vertical garden hydroponic design these nutrients are provided via irrigation.

Ideal complement for any space

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In the second case we can find the substrate in which the roots grow in a different way. Here they develop in a reinforced environment that is eminently porous. In exactly the same way, it has a high organic percentage without losing its lightness. Something that it has in common with the aforementioned is that the nutrients have the possibility of being provided through irrigation. This is not going to be an essential aspect since in this type of vertical garden there is a better absorption capacity.

Resolutions for contemporary living rooms

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In the different formats, it is frequent that the wall is used to prosper the irrigation of the different species. Mainly in the back part it is common to find a plumbing installation. This creates a kind of closed circuit that will help the substrate to progress. Sustainability in this kind of garden is evident in this way in the perfect way in which water is exploited. The excess is collected through the circuit that we discussed and used again.

Mix of different plants in gardens

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All thanks to a pump that guarantees recirculation. In order for the vertical garden to have the correct selection of plants is essential. In general, we are talking about plants with little substrate. Eminently ferns, lichens or the so-called aerial plants as a general rule. Always and at all times the vertical garden satisfactory creative design and the environment will largely depend on the selection of plants.

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