Vegetable garden on the balcony – thirty-four simple ideas –

original tall planters orchard planters

Even on a balcony, you can grow a vegetable patch of vegetables and herbs. You have the possibility to grow radishes, lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries… everything. Follow our tips to harvest your plantations and get started. You can save time by acquiring precious tomato plants, lettuce and zucchini ready to transplant. For radishes, carrots and spinach, seeding is unavoidable.

How to garden on our balcony

small home garden pots

Herb plants, thyme, tarragon or chives are also sold in huge pots in garden centers. A small pair of scissors and you change to the table. You will also be able to obtain strawberries, tomatoes, cherries or chili now covered with fruit plants. They are much more expensive, but it offers us the possibility to harvest quickly.

Growing cherry tomatoes on the balcony or terrace

mini cherry tomatoes balcony terrace

Now, we will look at some simple procedures for growing tomatoes in a pot. First, we must select a pot that has a diameter and depth of at least 30 content management system. A peculiarity of the tomato plant is that it grows rapidly at a high altitude, so we must ensure bars or guides in order to maintain it.

Plant fruit, vegetables and greens in our house

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The tomato has a huge need for nutrients, it is good to fertilize the soil with worm castings. The sunlight demands of this plant are also very high, between six to eight hours a day, for this reason it is that the cultivation in terraces becomes somewhat more difficult.

Planting spices and vegetables in wooden pallet boxes

boxes wood garden terrace balcony

Likewise, we must guarantee that the temperature does not drop below 10º so that the plant can perform properly. The sowing takes place during the spring, and we have the possibility to carry it out using plastic cups in the form of mini pots, making multiple holes in the bottom.

How to plant tomatoes on the terrace or balcony

plant tomatoes balcony terrace

We will put one or 2 seeds per glass. We will water carefully and cover each glass with transparent film until the moment the seed germinates. From that moment on, we will water intensively and offer sunlight little by little to prevent the plant from burning.

Growing a home garden with small cherry tomatoes

home garden small tomatoes

As an interesting note we will add that there are some other species that we have the possibility of planting next to the tomato that have the possibility of benefiting it or even adding taste; among these plants are basil, calendula, lemon balm, mint or parsley.

Vegetable gardens with pots of edible natural seasonings

garden terrace pots spices

When the plant has grown enough, we will proceed to transplant it into a pot greater than 30 content management system in diameter. We will water abundantly and we will do it again at the moment when the leaves simulate falling and at the point of withering.

Original vertical garden with strawberries

strawberries pot garden terrace vertical

And for what reason not, we also have the possibility of evaluating growing strawberries in pots, let’s observe certain practical advice. First we must choose the correct strawberry seeds. We suggest obtaining the strawberry seedlings directly, in this way we will avoid problems when trying to germinate the seeds since it is a rather expensive task.

How to grow strawberries on our terrace


The strawberries do not need much depth, some pots of 25 prominent content management system and 20 content management system in diameter will help us. Strawberry plants thrive in full sun (at least eight hours each day), and without much exposure to the wind. Strawberries like to stay warm, so try using a black module or nylons. The black plastic absorbs the heat from the sun, which keeps the strawberry roots warm but does not burn them. It is enough to place the depth module and drainage car in a radiant region of your kitchen, terrace or balcony.

How to plant raspberries on the balcony

plant raspberries terrace balcony

Between each seedling we must leave a minimum distance of 20 content management system and we must also protect excess water in the soil since it can cause the unwanted appearance of fungi. There are the drainage car modules that claim that the water does not stagnate and also flood the planter and that likewise the perfect strawberries full of tons of taste can grow. Each module is the perfect size for a strawberry plant, which means you don’t have to worry about overcrowding. You also don’t have to worry about the condition of your soil, just choose a clay and sandy soil; and do the sowing.

Roof terrace decorated with many plants

rooftop plants pots orchards

We really have the possibility of planting many kinds of spices, vegetables or fruits on the balcony as long as we have the possibility to give them the correct care.

Vertical planters with canvas flower boxes

ideas to plant a home garden

There are particular flowerpots for this task that have the possibility of being hung on the wall forming authentic and modern vertical gardens, a perfect alternative to exploit the entire space.

Ideas of how to plant vegetables on the balcony

ideas planting natural spices

In certain cases we also have the possibility of planting different species in the same pot, in this way our small garden will also be colorful and beautiful.

Original rooftop of building with orchard in Toronto, Canada

rooftop orchard Toronto Canada

In this image we can see a wonderful orchard located on the roof of a building in Toronto, Canada.

Authentic canvas pots for gardens on the balcony

original iodeas orchards house

Likewise, this small terrace transformed into a vegetable garden boasts of being useful as well as up-to-date, in such a case the plants are in huge canvas pots.

Small balconies with small patterned gardens

planter shelves pots plants

If our The balcony is quite small, we have the possibility of resorting to hanging flowerpots or shelves to put the flowerpots without getting in the way.

Authentic Modern Multi-Tier Planters

original planter pots homemade spices

This original multi-storey planter is excellent for growing a mini garden, each glass can be used to plant a different flavor.

Original wooden planter with drawers

planter wood drawers garden

Or a larger multi-story planter. This kind of wooden planters have the possibility of being easily created with wooden pallets, so much so that you can estimate the elaboration of one at home, it will be a very entertaining task.

Roof terrace with home garden

great garden terrace roof

In any case, the much more plants we have planted in our special garden, the much more care and hours each day we will have to dedicate to them for their proper development and advancement.

Vegetable garden in group of blue pots

blue pots balcony orchard

We also have the possibility of using the same flowerpots in our garden, so it will seem much more orderly.

Ideas of how to grow spices on the terrace

pots orchard garden terrace home

Sitting on the terrace to enjoy the sun while we have fresh vegetables and fruits from our harvest is a luxury that we should all be able to enter.

Terrace design with mini garden

original small home garden

It is for this reason that little by little more people decided to cultivate their garden at home, the advantages are multiple.

Original wall garden with vertical planters

original garden vertical planters

Of course, we must take into consideration the environment in which the plant will live, that is, the type of air and the level of pollution in it.

Original vintage flower pot with flowers

original metal planter orchards balcony

The pollution of the huge cities makes it difficult to grow edible species since they end up getting strange flavors and fragrances, or they grow and mature but without being able to achieve a rich and natural taste.

Wooden constructions and planters for home gardens

original ideas to create home gardens

In this photograph we have a fairly original concept for the construction of vertical planters for a home garden, as you can see they are made from constructions with the appearance of stairs and old drawers.

Terrace decorated with plants and natural spices

small balcony orchard decoration

We also have the possibility of making a small rustic style garden like the one we see in this image. Vintage-style utensils are going to go excellent in this kind of area.

Original home vertical garden design

original vertical terrace garden ideas

Here we have another original initiative for the placement of a vertical garden. With some kind of waterproof canvas or canvas we have the possibility of making flowerpots in the way that we please.

Magnificent pallet wood planter

original home garden wood pallet

This multi-tiered planter is also wonderful for growing spices and certain vegetables, it is very attractive and takes up little space.

Minu garden on the terrace with little signs

original planter orchard small house

In this image we can see how chic a miniature garden looks with small signs that help us distinguish each plant.

Ideas of how to plant peppers on the balcony

plant green peppers balcony

Above we can consult a system of flowerpots made with bamboo straws, the pots have the possibility of being watered simultaneously and in unison.

Original terrace decorated with many plants

plants orchards balcony terrace deco

Finally, we will add this product that it is good to read and ask specialists about the planting of edible species on the terrace. As soon as we are clear about the selection of plants that we will grow, we must assure them of all the necessary material and food.

Nice terrace decorated with many plants

small terrace many plants

Finally there is the decision of an optimal substrate. Do not be fooled by using land from the field if you want your vegetables to have everything necessary for their advance, consult a gardening specialist and choose the much more appropriate substrate for your selection of plants. We hope you have enjoyed the ride, we will return soon with much more products of interest.

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