Types of tiles for the bathroom


Do you think that the moment has come to update your bathroom? Since among the much more essential resolutions that you are going to have to take is the genre of wall and floor covering. In this sense, it is essential that you keep in mind that tiles continue to be the much preferred option, something that is not surprising if we take into account that we are talking about a strong, durable and simple to clean coating. Besides this, it provides various ornamental options.

If you end up opting for tiles, it will be better to choose them carefully, while, from the outset, this coating will have to last you several years. To help you with the decision, today we want to talk to you about the various types of tiles for bathroom that you can find in the market. Would you like to join us?

Depending on ceramics

First, we want to comment that you have the possibility of obtaining 2 types of tiles depending on the ceramic. On the one hand, there is porcelain, which is recommended for exteriors, since it is much more strong to climatic aggressions and has toughness. On the other, there is the red paste, which is much more suitable for interiors, especially for areas with little traffic.


Ceramic tiles

Of course, it is essential that you keep in mind that in the market you will also be able to get ceramic tiles, which are very similar to ceramic, insofar as they are simple to protect and support. The only downside is that they are priced much more high, beyond the fact that it is true that they are also of better quality. On the other hand, you have to know that ceramic and ceramic tiles are used on both floors and walls.


Glass tiles

Another type of tile that you will be able to find on the market is glass, which is identified as being of enormous quality, simple to hold and simple to clean. In addition to this, with this coating you will be able to offer your bathroom a touch unique and personal. Of course, you have to take into consideration that it does not have to do with an inexpensive material.


Stone tiles

Certain manufacturers also offer stone tiles, a heavy material but which provides different virtues. For example, we are talking about a material that contributes warmth to the bathroom. Of course, it is especially advisable for stylish stays rustic. In addition to this, it is free in different colors and textures. The downside is that it is not strong enough to water, so its care is more difficult. Also, it is an expensive material.


Depending on the finish

Returning to ceramic and ceramic tiles, it is essential that you keep in mind that there are the possibility of finding various types of finish on the market. Among the much more successful recently is the faux finish wood, inasmuch as it gives the visual warmth of wood, although it does not need care. On the other hand, you can opt for the clay finish, which provides a rustic, warm and natural look.


Another attractive option is the marble finish, which contributes a luxurious and very elegant touch to any bathroom. Special mention should be made of the textured marble finish, which is ideal for an avant-garde bathroom. Obviously, you can also find tiles in bright and cheerful colors that, combined with white, achieve very bold results. In addition to this, you will always and at all times be able to choose the tiles whites, which are easy, versatile and provide lighting and visual amplitude.


How could it be otherwise, we will also talk about tile, which gives many ornamental options. We are talking about tiles that form mosaics and that are very resistant to humidity. Of course, you can also opt for the imitation of tile, a much cheaper alternative. In the same way, in the market you can also find tiles whose colors imitate stone and brick.

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