Types of bars for shower curtains

shower curtain rods

Shower curtains have the potential to be really ornamental. Apart from performing its protection function, both of privacy and of not soaking the entire bathroom, we have the possibility of opting for putting an original and different one that fills the bathroom with personality. But what happens to the bars that support them? They can be fitted in 2 ways: screwed or fixed under pressure. Today we know the shower curtain rod genres that there are and the virtues and also problems of all of them.

Pressurized or fixed

The fixed bars that are anchored to the wall with screws are much more resistant and they have the possibility of being placed in a corner as it is not a requirement that there are 2 facing walls in order for them to exert the pressure of the other type of curtain rod, which is extensible and is supported through the pressure between them. 2 walls. They are very easy to install and are more affordable.

Extendable snap-on curtain rods

As I mentioned, the bars that are held under pressure between 2 walls are extensible, they are made up of 2 bars, one on the other, which can be extended or shrunk. depending on the space you have between wall and wall to hang the curtain. An internal system fixes them in the exact situation so that they are held. Its virtues are the simplicity of placement, its low price and the option that they give you to put on and remove whenever you want. You must be careful with the weight (the curtains are not heavy enough, but it prevents hitting hard or hanging things on the bar) since they are not as resistant as the fixed ones.

shower curtain rods2

Bolted bars

The other way of fixing shower curtain rods is with a wall-screwing system. In such a case, it is not a requirement that the bathroom have 2 facing walls or 2 surfaces on which to put the pressure bar, while if the shower is in a corner it will be the much more corresponding system. with an elbow that bridges the curve and with the ends screwed on the walls that correspond in the corner. They are much more balanced and secure in that the attachment is considerably stronger to pulls or weight.

Shape the fixed bars to the space

The screwed bars usually have a standard measure but you can cut it if the space is smaller or put an extender if it is much larger. Stop worrying if the cut is not clean enough due to the fact that the bracket that you must screw to the wall It will cover it completely. Place them with a level so that they are always and at all times straight. With the extensible ones you can play until the moment you achieve it but with the fixed ones you will not be able to modify it. If the bar curves and you must put an elbow on it for the turn, you may need a fixation more so that it is held permanently, like a chain or rope to the ceiling that supports that part. In this way, you will prevent it from becoming uneven with the passing of the years and employment, although in most cases the system they have now is very balanced.

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The height of the bar

The moment you install the bar don’t set it exaggeratedly high, since the much closer it is to the ceiling, the more humidity and temperature there will be. Leave about 20 centimeters of distance and put it so that the one part below the curtain does not directly touch the ground so that moisture does not accumulate in this region. Always and at all times, it prevents pulling or hanging things of considerable weight as it could unbalance the entire composition, especially in the extendable ones that are installed under pressure and that are much more sensitive to sudden movements.

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