Tricks to protect wooden garden furniture

protect wood furniture

Although we will probably still have the possibility to enjoy some lunch or dinner outside of your homes, the truth is that now it is time that we have been saying goodbye to our gardens and terraces until next year, when these spaces will once again be the genuine main characters of our home.

At this time, what we have to do is try to protect them so that next year they will do exactly the same service to us as this summer and we will have the possibility to continue enjoying family and friends assemblies considerably longer. Although caution must be exercised with each and every one of the garden and terrace furniture, particular attention must be paid to the wooden furniture. Hence, today in Home ideas We are going to offer you a sequence of tricks that will be spectacular for you. Ready?


First of all, we advise you to paint your furniture. Apart from updating their appearance, the paint will protect them from the UV rays of the sun and will prevent them from rotting due to time and the inclement weather. The most convenient thing is to use a latex paint, which is simple to use and protects in a more optimal way.

protect wooden furniture1

Varnishing furniture

Undoubtedly, one of the keys to protecting exterior wooden furniture is the use of varnish. Of course, it is essential that you reports well of what is the corresponding varnish for your type of furniture. The highlight is to offer you a varnish cover once a year.

Water sealer

It is also convenient to use furniture water sealants. These protect them from the rains and the humidity outside, apart from protecting them from the sun.

Contemplate the furniture

Finally, we advise you to cover the furniture. You can use both ornamental tablecloths and outdoor covers, which are considerably more desirable. During the night you can protect them with a tent of plastic.

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