Tips for decorating small bathrooms

small bathroom advice

The bathroom is considerably more than the place where we make our claims. And it happens that this is where we start the day, we get ready for an appointment, we brush our teeth, we relax after a hard day of work, we refresh ourselves or warm ourselves under the tap … After all, we are talking about a stay versatile you need certain m2. However, in many homes these are almost non-existent, more than anything in the floors of new construction. In truth, bathrooms tend to be the much smaller and darker rooms in houses.

Decorating a small bathroom is difficult, but using the advice that we are going to suggest to you now, you will be able to have a comfortable, interesting and also, still, relaxing stay. And it happens that it should not be forgotten that this space is the perfect one to find the precise peace at the end of the day. Would you like to join us?

The much more advisable colors

As you well know, in addition to damaging our mood, colors are very predominant in the perception of space. Hence, you will not be able to choose them with only your wishes in mind. In this way, the highlight in small rooms is to lean towards light colors, especially the White, which is the one that helps much more to enlarge the space visually. This color can be found on walls, toilets, furniture … Of course, so that the bathroom is not cold enough or not very entertaining, we advise you to add certain brushstrokes in other tones. You will find tips and ideas on decorating the bathroom in this color in our product «White bathroom photos».

small bathroom advice1

The much more correct furnishing parts

The bathrooms are rooms in which you have to store a lot of utensils and potingues, so you will have to have the suitable furniture to carry it out. In small rooms, suspended pieces are recommended, which give visual amplitude, apart from furniture with little depth but with a lot of height, since they can be placed in any corner. In addition to this, the specula with storage space. And, as we mentioned before, you don’t have to forget that furniture in light colors will help you to visually enlarge the space, especially if they have lacquered finishes.

Forget the bathtub

We would all like to have a huge bathtub where we can lie down and enjoy relaxation. However, in small bathrooms this is an unattainable mission. In this way, the only possible option is to lean towards a shower, which apart from allowing you to save space, will help you save water. On the other hand, it is convenient that you choose a screen transparent to cover it, preferably with minimal concretes. When it comes to taps, it is a good initiative to choose them built-in. It can also be a good initiative to opt for a suspended toilet. Naturally, you will have to do without the bidet.

small bathroom advice2

Keep the space in order

Among the keys when it comes to personalizing small bathrooms is to hold them in order. For this, you will not only have to have the correct furniture, but you will also need another type of accessories, like hooks, that you managed to put behind the door; folding towel racks; baskets; buckets… In addition to this, it is essential to properly compartmentalize storage systems.

Specula, huge partners

Finally, you have to know that in small bathrooms, specula have the possibility of fulfilling an even more essential function than looking at us when we are fixing ourselves. And it happens that these elements expand the space visually, apart from boosting the lighting. It should not be forgotten that light, particularly naturalIt can also help us to see the spaces much larger than they are anyway, so you should enhance it to the limit. In our product «Tricks to exploit natural light to the limit» you will find some attractive notices. Returning to the specula, it is preferable to choose them huge and without frames.

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