Tips for cleaning the pool

clean pool

If you have swimming pool at home now it is time to get it ready for the first baths of the season. It is possible that you have forgotten about this installation throughout the rest of the year and that it is at this moment when you remember that you want to carry out one of those barbecues that are enjoyed in summer with the family, but of course It will not be a special event if the pool is not ready so that the guests can soak and get rid of the heat.

But the downside is that the pools they don’t stand alone and they need certain care so that the water is as clean and pure as possible throughout the summer. Now we are going to teach you some tips so that you can clean and take care of the pool over the next few months.

Automatic or manual cleaner?

Do we use an automatic cleaner or a manual one? The question is in the air and we will try to answer you. Automatic cleaners are ideal for those people who lack the time and desire to protect the pool well. We speak to a water filtering equipment as a treatment plant that is in charge of removing undesirable substances from the water every day and ensuring that it retains its natural color.

Most of the pools now have this kind of filtering equipment, so if you are going to buy an installation in this way to enjoy it in summer, you have to understand that its care is going to be simple. Among the virtues of the filtering equipment, it stands out that the water is always and at all times in motion, which substantially optimizes the effectiveness of the cleaning models that are thrown into the water.

However, tidying up a pool is not only limited to getting rid of leaves and bugs that may have fallen into the water, it must also be offered a chemical regimen so that the pool user can shower in healthy water. For this, it will be necessary to try to keep the bottom of the pool clean and avoid the formation of water deposits. Quite a few people choose to take care of this work themselves, while the results are better than using only one treatment plant. It is enough to get hold of a pool bottom sweeper and run it over the bottom every day to remove dust and other particles that may have accumulated.

clean pool bottom

External components such as temperature also influence the cleanliness of swimming pools. In the moment in which the temperature is between 20 and 25ºC, much more the PH of the water is unbalanced, with which the direct consequences is that algae are formed with greater speed and it will be necessary to take better care of the pool. The same goes for storms. If the pool is discovered, when it rains the water in the pool becomes cloudy and it will have to be cleaned again in order to recover its initial state.

Urgent repairs in the pool

The time has come to put the pool next to it. Before that verify that the area is in good condition and that no repairs to the pool should be made. If you see that there are broken tiles or the drain is in a deplorable state, you will have to call a bricklayer to repair it.

pool surface

Now, become with an optimal team of brushes and acid and some anti-algae product. Briskly scrub the tiles and the entire pool floor to remove traces of grime. For this, apply acid and water under pressure. Don’t forget to wear gloves and boots to protect your feet and hands.

Before filling the pool again, verify that the water treatment plant runs properly. Replace the filters with new ones that ensure that the water is renewed with a certain quality. And now it is. Now you can continue filling the pool and enjoying it throughout the summer.

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