The terraces – renovation and relaxation airs for 2015.

the terraces ideas cozy patio flowers

From year to year they go, renewing trends in the design of outdoor spaces. New ideas or others that we take from the past and infuse modernity are always and at all times are à la carte. Such is the situation of the terraces, places to enjoy the good weather and communicate with friends. Any change of image for the terraces in this 2015 must appreciate multiple points. Options for privacy, protection from the sun, quality and types of furniture, accessories and a correct selection of plants.

The terraces with the use of lanterns and candles

the terraces lanterns candles palm trees lamps

In the latter case, the terraces this year lean towards vintage tones. The flowers of priority towards the pale in shades of pink or blue. Always and at all times with an ecological inclination, it integrates this term in pots of braided fibers. Plants according to your taste, roses, hydrangeas and so on. The terraces this year have to have indigo blue as the main main character when it comes to color. We have the possibility of combining it in textiles, cushions or pillows as a general rule.

The terraces with pale pink tone

the terraces flowers wicker furniture pink tone

It will fill our terrace with energy and will also increase the feeling of relaxation. Do not have doubts in the same way to include it in other ornamental accessories. The appropriate tones for the furniture must be natural. Primarily earth or wood are indicated for sweet environments. They are also perfectly combinable with textiles made from much more rustic materials such as sackcloth. For the terraces in 2015 everything leans towards sustainability. Wood furniture if viable recycled or pallets.

Luminaires and paths

the terraces ideas design plants path

Rattan or bamboo are also durable materials with a specific regime. Another inclination is to go back to using elements such as glass containers to put candles in the form of lanterns. A delicious resource to set the space with soft lighting. Both the candles and the lanterns are a perfect complement to make a relaxing environment on the terraces. The proposals are varied but as always and at all times choose what is much closer to your way and your pocket. I offer you 25 ideas with recommendations, so that you find the one favorable for you.

Recycled furniture, blue tone

the terraces ideas sphere lamp spherical

Lantern lighting

the terraces ideas lights modern lanterns

Pergola with fiberglass roof

the terraces ideas sea table curtain fiber

Natural fiber chair

the terraces ideas furniture table chair natural

Light shades in pink

the country terraces wicker chairs lanterns fan

Rattan furniture

the terraces ratan furniture design furniture

Natural blue tone cabinet

banking textiles flowers bulb recycled old

country tables flowers roof mountain sofa

grass pots tablecloth flowers prints

cushions rock sea chairs blue wood

hanging lamps pool bench pink tablecloth

pink tablecloth textiles flowers pots fibers

table wood center fruits furniture flowers

metal chairs forging durable cheap plants

furniture tablecloths textiles fruits natural fibers

rocks pots mud flowers green plants

chairs wood table metal garden design

sofa roofed grass pines natural fibers

table wood chairs terrace flowers garden

wood terrace outdoors table wall

patio furniture balcony platform ratan wood

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