The best outdoor materials


With the arrival of summer, our outdoor spaces begin to gain importance. Who wants to be at home, enjoying clean air throughout the hottest days of summer?

However, if we want to enjoy a pleasant and well-equipped exterior, there is a fundamental aspect that we must not neglect: the choice of materials. Do you have concerns? Have no idea which one to choose? At Ideasdehogar we show you what they are the most outstanding outdoor materials. Distinction, resistance and durability.

Tropical woods

If we must select a very elegant, timeless, strong and durable material, at Ideasdehogar we choose tropical woods. Coming from warm and tropical times, this class of woods propose a enormous resistance and consistency.

Among the preferred is teak. This wood has its own impregnation that makes it very strong and protects it from termites, fungi, insects … The furniture and outdoor accessories made of teak will resist in perfect condition for a long time.

Another highly recommended tropical wood for outdoor use is the Oak. A wood that does not require any added protection, since this class of woods that come from humid and tropical times show greater resistance to atmospheric changes than other woods.


The aluminum

We are talking about a fairly common material both in furniture and in outdoor accessories. Lightweight, durable, strong, and inexpensive, aluminum is an attractive alternative for those who seek value for money.

Aluminum furniture is free in immensity of designs, colors and styles and is among the much more popular options for the exterior, due to its resistance to bad weather. From simple cleaning, aluminum furniture is not damaged by water or humidity. Although in times with enough wind they may not be the best option, since they are light pieces and not very balanced with strong winds.


The plastic

Attached with aluminum, plastic is another great decision for the exterior of our home. In addition to this, you will find it free in immensity of colors and designs. The problem? The vast majority of outdoor furniture made of plastic are not recycled materials, so it cannot be said that a fairly ecological ornamental alternative is attempted.


It is another traditional one of the outdoor environments. Wicker has a very characteristic texture that contributes distinction to our outdoor environments. However, did you know that there are 2 different types? On the one hand we have the natural wicker and on the other the synthetic. The main difference is that synthetic wicker is better resistant to heat and rain.


The problem? Rattan is very elegant, but also much more expensive than other materials such as plastic and aluminum. The value also changes depending on whether we are talking about a natural or artificial rattan furniture.

Wrought iron

Wrought iron is perfect for those looking for a vintage, traditional and romantic outdoor decoration. We talk about a really strong material that can last several years, with the appropriate regime. Exactly the same with the preceding materials, iron is also free in a myriad of styles, from the much more traditional designs to the much more modern. Apart from a white light or a very elegant black color.

The problem? They are furniture quite heavy and very difficult to move. As for its price, it is quite high compared to other materials such as aluminum. Finally, the iron must be painted and use a particular regime from time to time (generally a couple of years) to prevent the appearance of rust.

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