The best outdoor furniture for a chill out area


The outdoor spaces are to be enjoyed all year round, but especially throughout the summer season. The sun and the pleasant temperatures encourage us to spend much more time outdoors. Although before continuing, we must develop our outdoor environments with much more correct furniture and accessories.

A pouf, an umbrella, a hammock, etc. Reveal our selection of favorite pieces to make a comfortable chill out region where to enjoy pleasant moments in the open air. Do we go outside?

Folding chairs and tables

When choosing our furniture, we must take into consideration the space and the options that our outdoor space offers us. At Ideasdehogar we have choices for each and every one of the exteriors.

If our outdoor space is small, the ideal thing is to opt for the usual folding chairs and tables that we have the possibility to take and store wisely when they are not essential. Thus we make the most of the space. The problem is that this type of furniture is quite uncomfortable. Our advice is to put stool cushions with a back that allow us to gain peace of mind and also personalize with touches of color.


Hammocks, loungers or swings

Hammocks are other truly practical pieces to make a chill out region in a few meters. We have the possibility of putting them on the wall with the assistance of hooks and removing them when they are not used, in this way we take advantage of that space for other things. On top of this, its slow swaying is impressively satisfying and enjoyable. Ideal to enjoy a moment of relaxation, accompanying our hammock with a cup of tea, a refreshing drink or an excellent book. Like in paradise.

Other essential pieces in our outdoor region are sun loungers. A trick? Do not forget to choose one lounger on wheels that you can move with total peace of mind around your exterior to put it where you want. And remember to accompany her with some nice cushions, since the wooden, steel or metal loungers are not at all comfortable.


If you are looking for a sloping chill out corner, there is nothing better than opting for a hanging chair. These pieces were put very trendyNot surprisingly, they are impressively comfortable and add a chic and different touch to a sloping exterior.

We have the possibility of hanging them from the ceiling of our terrace or from a tree (if we have a nice outdoor garden). Another alternative if you do not have the opportunity to hang your chair is to opt for a swing: these are those egg-shaped seats with a circular base that guarantee a relaxing sway to let go of our stress.

Another attractive alternative option for those with their own garden are the rockers. An advice? Choose a design that has a pergola included. If you can afford it, Balinese beds and round beds with canopies are highly valued pieces in chill out spaces. Of course, you must have enough space for them.


Mini outdoor poufs, umbrellas and much more

A part that also became very trendy and that cannot be missing in a chill out region are the beanbags. Comfortable, versatile and trendy, these pieces have earned a place in our outdoor environments. They are ideal for making an outdoor reading corner or as plus seats for an outdoor lounge.

Just as we advanced at the beginning of our product, when selecting outdoor furniture we must take into consideration the size of our area. In this way, the option of beanbags is ideal for mini outdoors. But on huge terraces or gardens nothing superior than a living room or dining room group. With this furniture we have the possibility of making a plus room in the open air. But if you find it very difficult to select, think about exactly what you are going to get much more out of: an al fresco dining room or an interesting living room for gatherings?

Finally, another essential part in our exterior are the umbrellas or pergolas. A shady region where protection from the sun is essential both for safety and tranquility.

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