The best flooring for the pool area


So that a pool be impeccable you will not only have to take care of the quality of the water, but rather of everything that makes a turn near it, introducing the soil. The ideal thing is that you bet on a non-slip flooring that is strong against water, humidity, sun and chemical models. In addition to this, always and at all times it is preferable to choose a floor that offers an interesting footprint to achieve safe and comfortable barefoot walking; and that is simple to maintain and clean.

To make it much easier for you with the decision of the soil, today we are going to talk to you about the most outstanding pavements for the surroundings of the pool. Can you come with us?


First of all, we would like to suggest that you go for unpolished natural stones (so that they are non-slip), such as marbles and slates, which will add a traditional touch. In any case, you should know that natural and synthetic stone are very resistant. Of course, artificial stone is much more economical. In addition to this, you will be able to get a wide variety of designs.



Another advisable flooring is ceramic designed for outdoor use, as it is strong and durable. Of course, it is essential that you bet on ceramics non-slip and low porosity.


Of course, we also want to suggest grass, which is the most comfortable floor for walking barefoot. It is usually accompanied by other materials: ceramic, wood, stone … If you do not have enough time to dedicate to the lawn, the highlight is that you bet on the artificial, while you choose a draining model.



Finally, we want to talk to you about wood, among the much more ornamental resolutions. Naturally, you should select a wood designed for the outdoors, which is hard and strong. In this way, it is a good initiative that you opt for a wood exotic. Composite deserves a special mention, a material made from wood fibers and polymers. It has many virtues: it does not crack or splinter, it is strong, recyclable, manipulable, it does not need enough care …

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