The best colors for a small bathroom in low light

Several we own small bathrooms and several, we also have small bathrooms with little to no natural light And, beyond the fact that in this room it is not customary to use paint enough, there are quite a few people who use it to cover both walls and ceilings.

Thus, you have to locate a color that «understands» the specifications of the bathroom, that is, its little space as well as its scarce natural light so that it strengthens or at least does not increase the disadvantages of the bath.

With this idea in mind and based on both much more prominent specifications, little space + little light, there are some colors that we will see now, which work really well under those situations.

Let us observe the most prominent colors to color a small and dimly lit bathroom.

White color

A small bathroom painted white

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It is undoubtedly the most common option; the color much more efficient, both to boost light and space, to combine with the rest of colors.

The white color should not be neglected. It is very elegant, pure, clean and timeless. These characteristics make it ideal for small spaces.

If we opt for the white color, we also have the option of apply it in a matte finish or with some gloss, that is, satin (with a medium gloss), or gloss finish, which is the finish that has much more shine.

The much brighter it is, the more it will reflect the light and, therefore, the more light and spacious the bathroom will appear.. Here the question is whether or not you enjoy the gloss finish. It is true that this kind of paint finishes are seen less and less, opting for matte finishes. But naturally, that is your resolution.

If pure white doesn’t just seduce you, you can always and at all times «Stain» it a bit to add a small shade of another color.

To use an example, with a red tint, putting a tiny drop in the white paint to tint the white, we have the possibility of getting a white with a very subtle touch of pink.

Or if we stain it with ocher, get a very light bone color.

I have put the red or ocher tint as an example, but we have the possibility of using some other toner to add a hue to the white, if its purity does not completely suit us.

Here you can see how to combine dyes and colorants to make colors. At this point let’s move on to the next color.

Light gray

Colors for painting small bathrooms: A bathroom painted in soft gray

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Gray may not appear to be a corresponding color for a small, low-light space, and it is true; but not with each and every one of the grays or their finishes.

The grays in low tones and especially in gloss finish, will deceive the eye making it seem much more luminous. In addition to this, the color gray is associated in the collective imagination with distinction, an adjective that the head associates with spaciousness.

The gray has to be a light tone and with some shine. It is not a requirement that we choose the full gloss finish, with the satin we will also build that effect.

Pale pink

Colors to paint a small bathroom: A bathroom painted pink

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Pale pink is a color that, despite being in the fiery part of the chromatic circleIt also has color specifications that are in the cool part of the circle.

This means that it shares the highlights of the effects between cool and warm colors. On one side, it is a warm color, which creates a satisfying and comfortable environment; and on the other hand, it is a color that tends to «distance itself», like each and every one of the cold colors, which can contribute to make it feel more spacious.

In addition to this, from the moment that Pantone designated pale pink as among the 2 colors of the year 2016, we saw how very elegant and today it can be to personalize with this color.

As if that were not enough, pink stimulates the skin, a topic that is not related to this blog, but for this reason it should not be left unnoticed.

Various photographers or lighting designers use pink lamps to reduce wrinkles and make models look much younger.

Here you can see 10 pink baths that give us a design teacher class.


Colors for painting small bathrooms: A bathroom painted yellow

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The yellow color is the tone of sunlight, it is a fiery and very bright color.

In this way things, this color creates or contributes to making warm environments in spaces where there is no natural light.

It is an artificial sensation, a ruse, but each and every one of the colors has some of which to be able to serve us.

The yellow one, to offer warmth to a quarter that does not have natural light, is impeccable.

It is also found within the light colors to color dark spaces.

Let’s look at another color to color a small bathroom.

Color blue

Colors for small bathrooms: A bathroom painted blue

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Blue is the most special cold color. Just as among the much more relaxing colors.

In medium and low tones, blue, like each and every one of the cold colors, is «distanced». What stimulates make the bathroom feel much more extensive and, if we select a light tone, it will favor the lightingIn addition, being a very relaxing color, it can make an ideal atmosphere for the bathroom, a very conducive space to relax.

Combined with white, in addition to this, it creates modern bathrooms; very recent spaces. And it also combines really well with chrome finishes, which tend to abound in bathrooms.

Here you can see the colors that best blend with blue. Just in case you want to combine it with a color other than white.

Although these colors that we have announced for small bathrooms, are directed towards painting, as we could see in the images, they also have the possibility of adding through tiles.

In other words, it is not mandatory to have to color the bathroom to enter these colors. Through ceramics and furniture we also have the possibility of injecting these colors that we finished seeing.

You can also look at these 75 other bathroom designs to continue to inspire you.

Do you want to suggest a color? I read you in the comments.

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