Sunbed and table-fridge for the garden

curver lounger

With the heat that is much more than one now the spring-summer season is premiering for all the prominent. Go out to the Terrace or the yard It is not a disparity at the moment when the temperatures rise so much, so you have to start thinking about adapting those areas to enjoy pleasant moments.

In that sense we have now announced a lot of compilations. The last was the Alcampo garden catalog, which includes furniture of all kinds, barbecues, refrigerators, and so on. At this time, however, I must tell you about a group that has Curver so that you feel very comfortable while the photons of the sun land on your skin.

Atlantic Sunlounger …

The Netherlands International, which has 65 years of experience, suggests that we go and obtain a deck chair that was mentioned by the name of Atlantic Sunlounger. It is compact and guarantees the maximum ergonomics that you can imagine thanks to the 4 situations of its backrest.

His look is quite attractive, with that rattan style finish How much of a trend did it become in recent times for outerwear. Its monoblock body was manufactured with plastic of the highest quality and resistance. It is 100% sustainable And it won’t cost you anything to clean, stack and store it.

… next to Ice Cube

Ice cube

Curver’s lounger measures 197 x 74 x 36 cm and it is free in 2 colors: copper and anthracite. In addition to this, we have the possibility of combining it with Ice cube, a very practical and multifunctional table that keeps the cold, making it an ideal help unit for storing cold drinks so common in summer such as beer. It can also perform the function of an additional stool and is free in exactly the same colors so as not to clash.

Atlantic Sunlounger is for sale by 120 euros, while Ice Cube costs a little less than half, 55 euros.

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