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The meaty plant species are very popular in the decoration of different spaces. They are common to be found in the interior or exterior locations of various homes. These class of plants show a thickening in the leaves, the stem or the roots. An adaptation that leaves them with a much more effective storage of water and in greater proportions. This mainly differentiates them from the rest of the plants. Thanks to this essential aspect, they have the ability to live in arid lands. The water reserves have the possibility of sustaining them for a longer time. Which is also going to give them enormous virtue on dry terrain.

Hearty plants in wooden dividers

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Apart from the plants that we will see in the images, the cactus is a sample case of loaded. An interesting aspect according to the experts is that the meaty plants are not genetically similar. They have similar aspects and were developing and evolving in parallel. Its adaptability allowed it to even colonize, in this way to put it, areas with arid peculiarities. Apart from those areas where the water continues with greater disappointment. Another amazing ability of the meaty ones is their efficiency in retaining dew.

Hearty plants framed in boxes

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It is mainly thanks to the cover of small hairs that they have in the area that they assist to capture and retain moisture. The meaty plants are distributed in a huge number of species. The classification includes multiple families other than cacti. Each one bringing together much more than a thousand species with visible differences between them. For its cultivation there are 2 fundamental components, one is light and the other is temperature. The substantial ones generally require abundant light. There are differences in several species that do not have the possibility of being exposed to the sun all day.

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Mainly because burns are generated in the plant. The best way to give them sunlight is to place them in a place where it does not affect them all day. The temperature in many of the species does not have to be below five degrees. More than anything for situations that come from tropical areas. These data are also involved in irrigation. Those in semi-dark areas do not have to be watered excessively. The reason is that there is a huge chance that they will rot.

Framed in a wooden heart

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They will require watering three times a month if they are indoors and above fifteen degrees. In these situations they require moderate watering 2 or three times per month. There are varieties with different levels of resistance that come from mountainous times and cold areas. Still others of times with higher humidity or areas where they are covered by snow in winter. The truth is, there are no hard and fast rules for your watering. Always and at all times it will depend on several components as we mentioned. The incidence of sun, temperatures apart from the type of soil. Sometimes it is essential down to the type and material of the pot and its size.

Cascade plantations

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Plant situations in clay pots will need more watering. This is accurate as clay pots dry faster. The real thing is that over the years we will create the precise experience according to our plants and their real conditions. Throughout seasons such as spring and autumn it can be watered every fortnight. Allowing a reasonable period of time for the substrate to dry. In the summer situation, it would be watered when the substrate is dry. This will depend on where the plant is grown.

Adorned with flowerpots and gravel

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If it is directly on the ground throughout the summer, watering can be done weekly. Keep in mind that a lack of water is preferable than an excess that manages to rot the roots. Glossy and beautiful meaty ones will require a substrate in great condition. We have the possibility to carry out a mixture and add mineral fertilizers. It is essential that the substrate is porous and well loose. It is an essential measure so that the water does not puddle and is retained for a long time. One technique that helps circumvent fungal growth is by adding charcoal.

Contrasts with different colors

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At the time of planting in the garden soil, it is not a requirement that other mineral fertilizers be incorporated. As can be seen in several images, a gravel cover can be extended. Also volcanic rocks have a beautiful effect. The real thing is that they will always and at all times need some fertilizer. Although by evolution they are mostly plants from semi-desert areas. More than anything it is a question to be observed in potted plants. Due to continuous irrigation, they have the possibility of depleting several of the nutrients that make up the substrate.

Initiative with wooden pallet

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A capable moment for fertilization is the moment where sprouts and other signs of development are appreciated. It can be at the beginning of spring with a continuity per month. This allows nutrients to gather for the following spring. Throughout the winter months you have to avoid compost. More than anything substances like potassium are going to be essential for flowering periods. The notable models for the meaty ones do not have the possibility of having superior nitrogen scenarios. This directly damages the plant tissues and will damage their flowering.

Species variations for center

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These plants deserve careful caution as they have a high ornamental effect. No matter where we plant them, they change the image of the patio very effectively. Primarily given the difference in colors and contrasts. From green to red through blue or red. The variation of colors seems practically without limits. Another interesting aspect for its contrast are the ways of the rounded or ruffled leaves for the most part. Each area where meaty plants are used is transformed into something magical and with a beautiful rustic accent.

Rustic patio design

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Vertical garden initiative

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Decoration for walls, different contrasts

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Extensive table with hearty

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Rustic wall ornament

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Wooden flower pots on walls

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Variations with metal pots

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Initiative for outdoor dining

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Color contrasts

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Located for sunlight

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Colorful and fresh scope

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Wall with substantial assorted

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Window ornaments

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Centerpiece Initiative

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Wooden letter in yellow

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Sown in metal cage

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DIY design variations

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Ornaments with wood and chains

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In baskets with natural fibers

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Decorating wall with notices

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Corten steel planters

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Creative DIY resolutions

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Colorful accents and cushions

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Design with recovered elements

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Walls with meaty

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Combined with outdoor carpet

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