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Today we have some attractive options for you to personalize your garden with hearty plants on old wood logs. This product with rich ideas and inspiration can help you add these kinds of plants to your outdoor space design.

Substantial Engaging Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

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For fans of outdoor walks, it will not be difficult to locate an old log. Although you live in the town, we are sure that you will have a friend or relative who lives in the town and it will not be very difficult for him to find an old log for them.

Substantial ideas for a beautifully decorated garden

rocky garden succulents wood decoration ideas

As you can see in our images, it is not very difficult to offer an exclusive life to wood. The only thing to consider if you choose to add a pot of hearty plants to your garden decoration is the weather in the region where you live.

Dried wood branches transformed into garden decoration

wood ideas garden succulents decoration modern

This will help you when choosing the meaty plants that will decorate your garden. For example, if you live in a region where winter is very cold, you should look for substantial plants that can endure it.

A vertical garden that attracts attention

wood pot vertical garden outdoor plants ideas

There are not many things you need to make an old wood pot with meaty ones. To plant substantial ideas we have different types of logs with different sizes.

A dry log full of meaty foods to put plants among the rest

wood succulents pot ideas garden options

You can use pieces of wood, or any piece of wood that is old and suffered over time. If you use softwoods, your undertaking will be much faster and much simpler.

A prominent log and hearty plants

options decorate garden succulent plants ideas

Start with a crack or hole in the center of the wood. Use a tool to dig out and make a lot more room for your plants. You shouldn’t dig enough since meaty plants don’t need a lot of room for their roots.

Substantial log ideas with very authentic shapes to carry out from pots

succulents decoration pots old wood ideas

After making the hole, you must fill it with earth. Nor is it a requirement to use a particular type of soil, you have the possibility of using any potting soil that you have on hand, you can even choose the much cheaper one, we assure you that your substantial ones will be fine.

Substantial Small Planter Ideas to Customize Your Table

succulent ideas old wood outdoor decoration ideas

Then you can order your meaty ones. Substantial colors tucked into a beautiful piece of wood to make an original part are a genre of long-lasting decoration that brings the beauty of nature into your outdoor space.

One much more concept to personalize your table

succulents ideas old wood arrangements garden ideas

To do your part, I planted meaty and some kind of exotic plants on a piece of wood as we claim you can find in the forest but on the beach as well. If you look at our pictures you can see how your small garden will look.

A large log with meaty plants inside

succulent ideas old wood interesting garden decoration

Dried, natural wood chips are much faster than regular wood, and you won’t have to worry about pest problems. In addition to this, you should look for pieces that fit well on a flat area if your garden is with a modern-style design and you do not have a corner with a lawn.

A very original centerpiece made of old and substantial wood

succulents ideas old wood modern garden decor ideas

As you well know, the meaty ones are small plants so the size of your piece of wood does not have any reason to be really big. If you do not want to put the soil directly into the wood, you can use small pots that are sold in flower stores.

A fantastic vase of dry wood, rich plants and white roses

succulents ideas old wood flowers garden decoration roses

To protect yourself throughout the development of working with wood and plants we recommend that you wear gloves throughout, especially at the time and use a mask if you are allergic to mold and dust.

Old wooden log with moss and a loaded one

succulent ideas old wood original garden decor moss

You have all the independence of choosing various types of hearty plants, for your pots or for your old piece of wood. Try using cavities now that they are in the wood to make the look as natural as possible.

Rocks surrounding a log with meaty inside

succulent ideas old wood jdecora arrangements outdoors rocks

One thing that we did not discuss before is that you carefully remove the meaty ones from the pots. You can also add small pieces of wet moss and put it in the spaces between the plants. Keep filling until the meaty plants are comfortable and safe.

A large composition of wood log, a plurality of green and meaty plants

succulent ideas old wood jdecoracon interesting plants combination

After all, you must add water so that the wood stays wet. You can use diluted compost, but it is not required.

Small piece to beautify your yard

succulent ideas old wood pots options small

The meaty plants will not need auxiliary care if they are tightly packed. By the time the plants have taken root in their new soil, they still have the possibility of hanging vertically.

Original pot of plants and meaty

succulents ideas old wood table flowerpot beautiful

These arrangements are ideal for indoors or outdoors and will last considerably longer than the flower arrangements themselves. If the meaty ones grow huge enough for the old wood, you have the option of planting them in the ground or in a pot.

Table decoration for a romantic meal

succulents ideas old wood modern decoration romantic dinner table

Attractive decoration for the garden

succulents ideas old wood options arrangements garden

A nautical decoration perfect for the garden on the beach

succulents ideas old wood options decoration beach garden

A very original painting of plants, meaty, moss and crafts

succulents ideas old wood original decoration box crafts

Wall decoration with a lot of style

succulents ideas old wood wall garden style

A very subtle decoration for every corner of your garden

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