Succulent crowns and good taste to decorate the spaces

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Hearty crowns and outdoor decoration are the propositions of this article today. Meaty plants are undoubtedly among the much more popular plants today. Several of us want to include them in our gardens.

Substantial crowns on base fixed to exterior wall

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The causes are different starting with its incomparable beauty. They are plants that do not need much attention. Issues such as watering or exposure to light are very simple. We also have extensive virtues in regard to the spaces for its cultivation.

Substantial crowns and components needed for design

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The meaty ones are special to grow indoors or outdoors. If the weather conditions in our area allow it, they will be able to be located abroad. His encounter in one of these areas is remarkable.

Drilling for placing the plants in the composition

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Apart from the hearty crowns they are remarkable for terrariums. A natural look that can be changed to dissimilar ornamental styles. Even in celebratory situations like weddings they are an unusual alternative.

Gradual fixation of the various branches by gently pressing them

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In the situation of the crowns, they can be made for any space or celebration. Hearty crowns and other items are fresh data for any space. It can be done in different ways with varying levels of difficulty.

Creating security in the entire composition of the crown

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An easy method can be with a wire composition. In this circular base you can add moss that can be fixed with pins. The moss should cover the entire line made with the wire.

Image of the crown in its middle stage of finishing

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You will not need to adjust in an organized way. It will be just as appealing if you have a disorganized and natural image. To make it easier to handle the moss before placing it on the wire base, it is preferable to moisten it.

Variation made with branches and natural fibers

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This will make it considerably more malleable and it will conform better to the different shapes. We must pay particular attention to the bottom and sides. The highlight is that they are tight and the proportion of moss is correct.

Set on a flat base with ornamental cards

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Then it will be necessary to gradually add the substantial ones to the original way of the crown. The lower part of the roots of the plants must be compacted so that it will be better able to be placed in the frame. Our composition of the substantial ones will allow us to carry out this step in a simple way.

Small design much denser towards the center

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By the time we finish detecting the meaty ones, we must look at the edges. It is a requirement in these situations to fold the edges. If required, certain spaces can be completed with much more moss or meaty so that the crown is well dense.

Crown with meaty in different stages of development

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In general, substantial crowns and the decoration with them dates from the 1950s precisely. Completing these projects may take just one hour. Not counting the time that we must dedicate to elaborate the frame and the plants.

Applying variants in regard to the ways of the crown

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For a frame of precisely 12 inches, exactly one hundred cuttings will be required. In certain cases we will still be able to require a greater quantity. It is essential to emphasize that crowns have the possibility of being a living factor in the same way.

Small exhibits with attractive organic form

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Mostly for designs that have 2 wire frames. Between them you can put a ground cover and then put the two faces together. They will be able to be fixed with wire or a fishing rope. In the substantial crowns and their design we must avoid frames that are very heavy.

Creative DIY resolutions for interiors

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A rather bulky frame is not going to be very elegant either. They are not good ideas if there is also an earth fill between them. The reason is that due to the weight they have the possibility of dividing and falling the earth due to a leak. This was a drawback more than anything in the past, whereas today there are other, much lighter variations.

Variation for easy crown design

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There are racks made for precisely these purposes. More than anything based on the use of wire and fabrics. To this is added a nylon mesh that will contain the substrate for the meaty ones. The composition in the same way is fixed by wires.

Jute app to the entire composition of the crown

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It has been proven through practice that it is an easy and reliable composition. More than anything for being fast and of enormous resistance. If we plant the cuttings, it is a requirement to bear in mind certain growing periods. For hearty crowns and design it could be precisely 12 weeks.

Step of fixing the branches to the base of the crown

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They are crowns that will require much more descriptive planning. Perhaps you can go for plants in the first growing season. It is a time interval in which the roots tend to grow in a better way. The lifespan of hearty crowns is truly long.

Simple low weight model, wire composition

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There are experts who have reported between 2 and five years. At least we will be able to enjoy one year of these attractive wonders. We will be able to hang them on the walls or on a flat area. We just have to be creative in the way we place them.

Entrepreneurship initiative in its initial stage, wire composition

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Sunlight and the clean air effect will take care of the rest. Although the conditions are not correct, they will be able to last for several months due to the fact that they are in charge of looking for the sunlight. Compared with other flower arrangements, its duration is much higher.

Contrasting indoors with crown of other materials

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If they are placed in a flat area, it is a good option to decorate them. They can be decorated with elements that we have within our reach. One has the possibility of being the candles. They have the possibility of putting near the hoop that constitute the substantial ones. The center is also suitable for lanterns or multiple candles of different sizes. Certain of these images have the possibility to guide you in regard to certain forms.

Decorated for outdoor environments, design with natural fibers

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Heart-shaped hearty crown

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Initiative to decorate the main entrance of the house

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