Stylish gardening and landscaping for your garden

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Landscaping and gardening are trending. Today we show you twenty-five great examples of how to rearrange the garden to find greater harmony and a dream landscape in our home, do not miss them. We are going to focus more than anything on the plants, they will be the main characters while the rest of the ornamental elements will always and at all times adapt to them and their claims.

Gardening and landscaping for gardens

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We will start with the decision of plants, and we will ensure that these are indigenous and that they do not require excessive care, for this we have the possibility of asking the staff of a nursery, they will advise us appropriately. When we have chosen and have the plants, we will proceed to condition the land where we plan to plant them.

Entertaining home craft pots

various small home objects planter

We suggest that you start working on the soil two weeks before sowing, so that better results are guaranteed. We must find that the PH is convenient, hence we have the possibility of reducing it if necessary using sulfur or peat moss, or increasing it with lime. Finally we will add the fertilizer, once grooves of about 60 centimeters have been formed.

Cute geraniums in hanging pots

Geraniums Hanging Pots Garden Red

It will also depend on the plant if it is going to be placed in a pot or directly in the ground. We can consult in various styles of gardening that use all kinds of flowerpots to plant a wide variety of geraniums, to serve as an example, so used to paint the well-known Andalusian patios. From them we understand that this plant performs quite well in warm times and being planted in a pot.

Garden landscaping with many plants

landscape gardening many green flowers

Another great option is that of roof plants. There are many kinds of vines and plants that thrive by covering surfaces and sometimes hanging from them. In general, they need little care when they have prospered and they bring a lot of naturalness to our beautiful landscape. We encourage you to occupy your gardens with all kinds of trees, shrubs and flowers, you will see that the result will be fantastic.

Great flower pots of painted tires

meumatic planters two colors geraniums

Authentic flower pots with plant ornaments

different pots we decorate dolls

Planter made with a metal bucket

old bucket metal pot geraniums

Metal garden ornaments

garden ornaments blue flowers metal

Modern landscaping and gardening

decoration garden landscaping planter

Modern garden design with stairs

landscape design stairs

Gardening and landscaping with flowers and shrubs

great garden lawn care mowed

gardening white flowers bush

landscaping gardening shrubs various

landscaping landscape fountain mud

gardening landscape chair wood drift

garden closed patio plants

pots red geraniums garden

three wide garden pots

planter decorated wooden deck chair

tires colors flower pots garden flowers

landscape garden stairs wall art

landscaping garden round fountain

modern landscaping garden fountain

various plants dry cactus

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