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Stainless steel apart from corten steel are today present in a multitude of ideas in various spaces. More than anything for those who choose contemporary settings. Apart from the straight lines and certain minimalist touches. The use of stainless steel enriches the architecture. The way you can see the space changes more than anything in the situation of the updated architecture. These data are uniquely aesthetic in garden design. Metal freestanding shapes and figures have a chance to look a bit cool.

Stainless steel, polished dials

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For this reason it is advisable that in addition to this they are enriched with other elements of the landscape. Plants and rocks will create a harmonious appearance that will give a better image to the garden. This combination always and at all times guarantees us success in our outdoor space. Primarily for the freshness that it also transmits this appreciated material. The situation of the polished variation of stainless steel enchants with its brilliance. In rainy seasons, the attractiveness is accentuated by the effect of the area when it is moistened. The most prominent designs for gardens have to reflect ideas inspired by nature.

Stainless steel, very elegant statue

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Especially to highlight the natural decoration. The causes of animals or flowers are in the favorites. Other designs are intensely artistic in content with surreal shapes. In both cases the touch of individuality of our garden is indisputable. Several of these foundations can be found in shopping malls, which also have a brushed finish inside. Other variations that have gained in popularity are fish, butterflies or rabbits. In the images we have samples of great productions.

Steel figure with rocks

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In small gardens, saturation with these elements must be avoided. It is advisable to use other ways of smaller dimensions, they will also provide clean air. Always and at all times have the possibility of adding data of nature or other figures of our decision. The use of steel is not restricted only to improving the aesthetic appearance. There are great cases of designs that also mix the serviceability. A traditional sample case is the planters.

Figures of the animal kingdom

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There are immensity of designs to which the number of the house can still be added. Another situation is the ornamental spheres, very popular even within several homes. Its polished version eminently resembles specula. This effect of shine and reflections on the outside gives a different image to many pieces. This is still not going to be harmed by the passage of time, after several years it will maintain its charm. Eminently in the summer months we will enjoy its splendor.

Combined with corten steel

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Apart from the game that the shadows will project with the incidence of the sun. Polished lanterns have been made from steel in the same way. An incredible variation for the situation of the lamps that are located in the gardens. The effect of fire on metal creates a magical atmosphere that gives the space an extra dose of light. For the decoration of tables outside the spheres or balls have the possibility of acting as a beautiful centerpiece.

Modern exteriors with steel

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The availability in different sizes makes them adaptable to various spaces. We will be able to use them in different ways, also in combination with other pieces. They will guarantee an updated and very elegant image for our tables. There are truly no limits when combining these steel elements in our gardens. The key is to be able to have a special harmony, whether in a gravel garden or one with a lawn.

Design with small rabbits

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Everything in the group will guarantee a result that is appreciated globally and will always be successful at all times. Another attractive element has the possibility of being the stainless steel fountains. An interesting aspect for every garden. In these situations an effective lighting design will look stunningly beautiful. Thanks to the effect of the water and the brilliance of the mind in the whole group. Have fun with these beautiful resolutions.

Contemporary design garden

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Spheres to decorate table

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Inspiration in animals

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Garden fountain developed in steel

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Modern planters

stainless steel gray wall planters

Artistic patio design

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Signs in homes

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Combination with LED lights

stainless steel led wide colors rocks

Spherical lantern design

stainless steel woods fires ferns

Polished Finish Part

stainless steel reflections spaces lines

Setting with rocks

stainless steel rocks elements white

Minimalist creative part

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Paint covered part

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