Solutions for hanging towels and other accessories in a very small bathroom

Beyond the fact that having a small bathroom is not a foundation so that it is not usable and beautiful, it is true that the small size can make us not feel completely comfortable with the bathroom; while you have to store several essential things in it and, sometimes, it seems that it is really difficult to put everything: towels, bathrobes, creams, toilet paper, cans, jars, etc., etc. Fortunately, we currently possess certain elements and accessories that we will go to see now, that they have the possibility to assist us, and quite a lot, to store and order each and every one of these things in a very original and ingenious way. Let’s look at these ideas and resolutions for hanging and storing accessories in a tiny bathroom.

Towel rack and wall shelf for bathroom

Always and at all times we have the possibility of starting to have a multifunction shelf like the one we see above. If you don’t have one and you have space constraints in the bathroom to store towels and other accessories, imagine what a shelf of this kind can help you. The one we see in the image we have found on Amazon. You can see much more data on this shelf by clicking here.

Corner shelf for bathroom

If the walls are occupied or it is not feasible for you to put one foundation and you can only or choose to exploit the corners, you need a corner shelf for bathroom. Like the one we observed above these lines, in the same way found on Amazon here. Let’s move on to the next solution.

Sliding towel rack for the interior of the wardrobe

Another ingenious initiative is to use the inside of the cabinets, as long as their design allows it, to have a sliding bar, like the one we see above this paragraph, found in Organize It. In Amazon we have found bars of this class for the interior of the cabinets and you can see them here.

Hanger for closet door

The next accessory should also do with the cabinets and it happens that there are some Stands to hang on the closet door (on the inside or outside; as it suits us) and have a much more towel rail in the bathroom. We have also found the one in the image on Amazon here.

Towel rack with suction cups and multiple bars

Another solution for towels is to resort to towel racks with multiple bars, like the one we see above the image that, apart from giving us space to hang more towels, carries a suction cup system to hold to the wall, that is, in its installation we do not need to make holes or anything similar, it is installed through the suction cups to the wall. See much more information about this towel rack.

In exactly the same line as the suction cups, we can find this other shelf much larger and with more space of course.

Shelf and towel rack with suction cups for the bathroom

A very practical accessory that combines 2 shelves with 2 towel bars and 2 small hooks on the suction cups to hang small accessories. As stated before, this bathroom «furniture» carries suction cups to be installed on the wall without needing to carry out holes. See much more data on Amazon.

By pendant

Another alternative that we have the possibility of resorting to is to use the doors to hook a towel rail, as we can see in the image above of these lines and exploit that space most of the times when the folding door presents us with death. See much more data on Amazon.

Simple door hanger

If the previous support is quite similar to us, there are many other models much more modest or subtle that have the possibility of adding an added occupation to the bathroom. This one that we see just above we have the possibility to buy also on Amazon.

Shelf above the bathroom door

Ecocult Photography

Explode the prominent of the bathroom to arrange a shelf. There is talk, as you can see in the image, of having a shelf or shelf in the upper part of the bathroom to exploit the space, since the heights of the houses are always and at all times usually free.

Double curtain rod for hanging towels

Amazon Photography

Another ingenious solution is to add a second curtain rod, or locate one double curtain rod, to put both the characteristic shower curtain and towels or some other object that can be hooked on the bar.

Although many of these resolutions have the possibility to assist us and a lot, making our bathroom much more useful and practical, if you want to see much more ideas, here you can read a product with 25 much more storage ideas for small bathrooms.

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