Solarium – Ideas for decorating glazed terraces with coastal inspiration

cozy solarium decoration

A solarium is an addition to the home that has become very common. They are very versatile spaces, which have the possibility of marching as areas to receive guests. Also to rest, communicate with the family or simply enjoy the beautiful view of the outside while sheltered from the wind.

aquamarine solarium

A solarium is also called a glazed terrace, garden rooms, sun terraces, for example. Thanks to the relevance and popularity that they took some time ago, there are many ideas for their design and decoration. This time we will show you beautiful images with ideas to decorate a solarium inspired by the coast.

blue white solarium

You can precisely select the style you want and combine it with the decoration of your home. Decor styles have the ability to range from modern, contemporary, minimalist, Scandinavian, beachy, and even farmhouse. Naturally, the style that we present to you today in beautiful and inspiring images is beach or coastal.

sky blue white solarium

Naturally, when we think of a coastal style we automatically think of the relaxing and various shades of blue. However, the turquoise, aquamarine, mint blue, gray tones are also ideal for a beachy decoration. Although we always and at all times we only lean towards blue tones, there are still different colors inspired by the coast.

solarium comfortable furniture

Colors like navy blue, orange, aquamarine, turquoise and even white. Even if you want a daring decoration, you could perfectly combine colors like white, blue and fuchsia. Without any doubt, it is joyful and effulgent.

solarium with fireplace

The beginning of the solarium

The solarium began more than anything like greenhouses, spaces to put pots and preserve pleasant and fragile plants. It should be noted that these spaces were only outbuildings of a country house. Naturally, as time went by, the solariums became considerably more popular.

solarium with large carpet

Since glass was no longer a luxury, people who traveled returned home with exotic botanical specimens to grow at home. Of course this was a pretty usable space. With what began to decorate. Little by little people have begun to know that their small greenhouse could also be used as a captivating space where they could enjoy the views in the open air.

solarium with beautiful view

While at the same time they were protected from the elements such as wind, cold or heat. These first greenhouses were made with an iron frame and small crystals. But at the beginning of the 19th century, construction techniques were progressing.

solarium with wood

These upgrades and mass production also made glass even less expensive and free. All the aforementioned made it possible for the greenhouses to be much more enormous. Even much more humble homes could have their greenhouse. In this way public greenhouses also began to appear.

solarium with dining table

But wealthy people were now beginning to lose interest in the greenhouse as a status symbol as long as the middle class could enter it. However, the middle class saw and took advantage of the tranquility and energy efficiency that these could give. With what they have begun to wish them in their homes.

solarium with original table

The solarium is a multipurpose space

The sunroom or sunroom again became very popular in North America during the energy crisis of the 1970s. Most people saw solariums as a way to heat their homes using energy from the sun. Evidently began to study the effects of heating with energy from the sun.

solarium with a coastal touch

Currently, solariums are spaces that can be heated and cooled in a truly economical way. So adding a solarium to your home design is like making a private sanctuary. A space where you can sit and relax while having fun with the warmth and beauty of the outdoors.

solarium warm decoration

But without the need to put up with heat and unwanted pests. Depending on the space you have, your solarium or sunroom, can function as a family room or a living room. Also like a game room or even a spa with Jacuzzi and other amenities.

solarium coastal decoration

Take the location in mind

The moment you start planning, choosing the best location for your sunroom or sunroom is the initial step. You must take into consideration the usual time of the corner where you live. Also the direction where the solarium windows will be oriented. Quite a few people choose to have the solarium attached to the back of their house.

solarium decoration beautiful

But strictly depending on the exposure to light, a much sunnier space may be better to put it. For example, for homes in the north, exposure to the south gives the highest proportion of sun each and every day. And in the south, an exposure to the east is interesting. While it will receive sun each and every morning and shade throughout the strong rays of the afternoon.

solarium original decoration

Hence, the essential thing that you first decide exactly in which corner it would be better to put your solarium before starting to build it. Obviously, it is always and at all times advisable to ask for the assistance of a professional. In most cases, a solarium is located on the side of the home.

solarium simple decoration

But nowadays, several of the solariums are designed and also integrated into outdoor spaces such as in the back of the house. A solarium is really very simple to add to any house. This, thanks to the fact that the data in its composition are minimal.

solarium traditional beach decoration

Keep the materials in mind

Most of the sunroom is built with huge windows that give the look of glass walls. The windows of course are essential in a solarium. Keep in mind that we are talking about exploiting the beautiful views and also the greater proportion of sunlight. Naturally, the style, materials and quality will make the room look stunning.

solarium cozy space

It should be noted that the decision of low energy consumption windows is truly essential. Since you will surely want to deny heat throughout the summer season and sustain a hot environment throughout the winter. The standard decision is a double pane glass with a low thermal radiation coating.

solarium space fun

The standard is a double pane glass with a low thermal radiation coating. But perhaps in a much larger space or where the summers are extremely hot and the winters quite cold, you should estimate a triple crystal with insulating argon gas.

solarium relaxing space

Of course, a professional will help you considerably more in this. Here we are only pointing out certain points that you could take into account when designing your solarium with the beautiful ideas that you can see. In the same way, you will also have to take into account how you want the windows to open.

solarium space versatile

So much so that you can let in clean air or keep cool night air out. If you decide to have fixed windows or that do not open, then it is convenient that you combine them with a small awning window that opens at the top. You can also select between sash windows, the ones that move up and down. Or casement windows, the ones that have hinges and run with a crank system.

solarium eye-catching decoration

Materials and style can detract from the look of the sunroom

Keep in mind that your sunroom door may take up some space if you use double or French sliding doors. Keep in mind the materials you choose, since it does not only determine the precise care. But it will also affect the look and style of your solarium.

solarium natural materials

When you have chosen the style of your windows and door, then think about the material for the flooring. The one that manages to withstand the continuous exposure of sunlight and of course also the periodic wear and tear due to traffic. Wood laminates are a great option, as they are simple to arrange.

minimalist solarium

Of course, there is also a wide variety of styles and materials that in the same way are simple to hold. You have other alternatives such as concrete, tiles and slate. Not forgetting the beautiful rugs that you can put to offer considerably more warmth and tranquility to your solarium.

solarium white furniture

You are going to have to tell your contractor that you want electrical wiring so that this way you can put a ceiling fan. As you are now going to know, a room with correct ventilation is considerably more comfortable and it will make you feel even more reassured. If you want, you could choose a ceiling fan with a lamp that has a dimmer to thus have a pleasant evening in your solarium.

solarium hanging furniture

When it comes to deciding the furniture for your solarium, it is best to select durable furniture such as wicker, bamboo and wrought iron. These materials have the ability to perfectly withstand high humidity and do not rust. And of course, you should never forget plants as a part of the decoration.

solarium wooden furniture

A solarium has many virtues

A solarium gives you certain benefits such as being close enough to enjoy the outdoors but from the inside. Solariums are great spaces for fun. So whether you use your new space for a family gathering or an entertaining game night.

simple furniture solarium

A solarium is also an incredible way to increase the m2 of your home to get much more space. You can use the solarium in the same way, use both to rest and wake up with the sun’s rays. To spend a warm afternoon reading. The options that a solarium provides you are without limits.

small solarium decoration

Put a sofa bed, such as blinds or curtains to use the room to rest throughout the day and rest during the night. So it’s a great way to maximize space and use it how it suits you. A sunroom could also be used as a home office as well.

solarium living room dining room

It is ideal to have separate spaces. With which it could help you to move your head from home mode to work mode. This would also give you benefit. While the sunlight can guide you to improve your mood and increase your efficiency. Still, it limits you to dispenses with the rest of the house.

solarium red tones

Solarium Material Genres

Vinyl It is the much more common material used for the endurance of a solarium or a sunroom. Vinyl costs less, requires minimal care, and delivers outstanding strength and insulation overall. This material is free in most cases, blank.

brown green solarium

Most vinyl stanchions are multi-walled. Reason why, they have an aluminum or galvanized steel reinforcement inside. The aluminum it is not as good an insulator or as cost effective as vinyl. Ademtos that it also tends to be somewhat much more expensive.

navy blue solarium

However, it can be an acceptable addition to the roof composition to provide much more strength and resistance to the solarium during deep storms. Timber It is the much more expensive structural material option for a sunroom or sunroom. It should be noted that it also needs more care. However, this classic material has no rival when it comes to aesthetics and usefulness.

relaxing solarium decoration

Decorate and edit your solarium

However, when you now have these points planned and resolved, then start your decoration. Naturally, the style is dependent on each individual. Nonetheless, coastal style décor has high popularity.

solarium beach decoration

In other words, due to the warm and relaxed environment that it delivers. Naturally, it has nothing to do with cramming your solarium with boat wheels or many surfboards. By cons, with only certain easy but really well chosen items, you can enter just the right amount to embellish with coastal flair.

solarium inspiration t-shirt

Cushions with beach-inspired foundations, a compilation of seashells on the table or on the windowsill. Even a rope lamp has the possibility of making your riverside decoration simple. Combine with jugs and modern furniture in natural materials as well as wicker or rattan to achieve that dream solarium. Note that rattan and wicker sofas and armchairs will also withstand the harsh ordeal of direct sunlight.

solarium furniture ratan

Keep plants in mind as a part of your décor. Nor are we saying to fill your solarium, but always and at all times it is good to have certain ones inside. The much more popular plants tend to be begonias and violets. As they need little care and also generate flowers throughout the year. They will help you filter the air naturally.

glass roof solarium

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