Solarium – Ideas and characteristics of a sunroom

solarium ideas

Being in a solarium or a sunroom as they also recognize it, gives a feeling of calm. One of the positive results of having a solarium is that it offers the possibility of a space to calm you down from the routine day after day. For that reason the solarium was becoming known every time mtos.

solarium contact with nature

Most of the people invest in carrying out updates to their homes to make them more and more.toIt’s nice and comfortable. Thanks to the solarium or glazed terraces you can relax and enjoy nature. While you are sheltered from the wind or rain at the same time.

solarium with windows

In most cases, a solarium is at the ground level of the home. But it can also be detected on the roof. But at the end of the day, the particularity that characterizes it is that it is a protected space from the street, generally covered in glass. And the one that is covered in an important part with glass, is what gives the benefit of being able to merge with nature and be able to enjoy the beautiful view.

solarium glass bricks

A solarium can also be provided with heating. Of course, this is dependent on the genre of solarium you want and the function or purpose that they will have. The main virtue of the solarium or the glazed terrace is the «invisible» wall that retains the unfriendly elements inside. The unpredictable weather and the flocks of insects will not be able to disturb your peace when being inside your solarium.

solarium design

So you could easily enjoy the rain and be dry. It is also a space that offers simplicity for family assemblies or being alone and enjoying nature. Today there are different options to carry out the glazing or solarium. These options are considered individually. This is depending on the home and the desire of the owners.

attractive solarium design

Solarium models

Solarium models can be classified according to the following factors. A solarium can be hot or cold glazing. They also have the possibility of being total or partial. In the same way, the space has the possibility of having a style with frames or without frames. Visual perception can be panoramic or not. And the perfect opening mode can be by sliding or oscillating.

solarium straight design

Hot and cold solarium

The decision between a hot and cold glazing, it is simply necessary to use this space in each and every season. If you plan to calm down and use the solarium only in the warm season, then it is really not a requirement to have warm glazing.

simple design solarium

It’s going to be pretty cold-type glazing. Where the temperature in the space is probably going to be five degrees much higher than on the street. Naturally, throughout the winter season and without added heating, the solarium could be a not very fun space.

solarium in garden

Solarium with full and partial glazing

A fully glazed solarium is viable the moment it is created from scratch. But in most cases, the solarium is built in houses that are now finished. By which he means that certain walls will join the foundation. So in such a case the glazing of the space will be partial.

curved sundeck

Cladding without frames and with frames

Several designers choose to choose the frame, since with it they have the possibility to emphasize the unique peculiarities of the room or the nature that surrounds it. At the same time, framed glazing is much cheaper than frameless. Obviously, it is also considerably simpler to fix the frame construction partially or completely.

solarium comfortable space

Recently, frameless glass cladding gained some popularity. However, this brings certain problems such as poor watertight quality. In other words, frameless cladding increases heat loss. Also this kind of coating makes it impossible to hang nets that serve as protection against insects in the room.

solarium at home

Panoramic view

In most cases, the glazing type with the highest priority is the panoramic version. This leaves you feeling absolutely a part of the natural space that surrounds you. The entire composition is mounted between the finished ceiling and the base of the floor. Also for this implementation you need the knowledge of embedded walls.

simple solarium

Slide and swing opening

Regardless of the type of cladding or glazing, the solarium will have to be opened. The entrance door to the resting region can be arranged in a sliding or hinged manner. Naturally, the sliding opening procedure involves the procedure with the door leaves.

large solarium

For this, divide doors are used that somewhat resemble a train partition. This kind of door can also be glazed. Of course, according to the intention, the door can move during guides during the wall. You can also put an opening with the assistance of auxiliary hardware or through mounting the accordion design on the edges of the opening.

solarium kitchen

Materials used in a solarium

You may be able to think that glass is the only material that is used in the manufacture of solarium. But the design of these spaces includes different auxiliary data, whose quality establishes the durability of the glass wall. Still, the developers give a list of materials that have the possibility of replacing glass.

spacious solarium design

The aluminum

Aluminum is often used as a raw material for fixing concretes. The virtues of aluminum are that it is not susceptible to corrosion and it is also quite soft. In the same way, the aluminum models are durable and are sold at a very low price.

solarium with glass

This metal is very simple to handle, which allows a profile of any curvature to be made and removable glasses can be fitted. Aluminum concretes are very practical and are used in most cases for glazing of spaces. Thanks to the fact that in most cases a solarium tends to be small, sliding systems are used for its glazing. These systems work really well on aluminum concretes.

unique design solarium


Wood is a natural and durable material that has good thermal insulation characteristics. It is also simple to process, which is essential for repair. The disadvantage of such frames is that it is a requirement to treat them with remarkable pest-fighting substances. It should also be noted that wood does not transport well with humidity so you have to be aware and keep everything dry.

solarium wooden frames

The plastic

The plastic It is the most common and economical option today. Aside from the extensive selection of models and colors, plastic has good performance quirks. It is simple to clean and has excellent thermal insulation. However, there are also some disadvantages such as that it is really difficult to remove the breaks, which is why, as a general rule, it is required to replace the part completely.

backyard sundeck


Another attractive material from which so-called soft windows are created are PVC films or screens, which in most cases are wrapped in plastic concretes. The glazing with a soft or PVC display, it is ideal when you need to have a place outdoors and closed at the same time.

solarium space to share

The PVC lampshade can be twisted into a roll on the top of the frame and is easily extended to its original position, fixing firmly at the bottom. PVC is a durable material, it is easily cleaned from dirt with ordinary soap and water. The only restriction on the use of PVC screens is the production standard, since the width of the frame does not exceed 140 centimeters.

solarium relaxing space

Which means that if one doesn’t fit into a frame, then 2 will need to be merged. And this fusion will naturally leave an apparent seam, which is about 30 millimeters wide. Of course there are ways to cover the seams with the assistance of links. It should be noted that PVC screens need particular attention since you have to be very careful of sharp elements.

solarium extension house

Glazed polycarbonate

Another option and it may be the mtos recent is glazed polycarbonate. This one has high strength and the basis of many design ideas is exactly glazed polycarbonate. This material transmits light well, strong to impacts and is indifferent to strong wind. The production of polycarbonate is a complex development, which allows it to contain ultraviolet rays. It should be noted that the much more complicated the production, the much more expensive it will be to carry out in the market.

wooden solarium

Edit your solarium

To continue indicating certain points that you can take into account, we also tell you that, in the same way, you will have to estimate the different options you have for a solarium. You can make a solarium attached to the wall on one side of the house.

solarium wood glass

Equip it with a warm partially framed panoramic glazing. You can choose movement doors that perfectly fit the design and style of your home. The roof and windows can be made of polycarbonate.

solarium dining table

Without any doubt you will be able to create a space with a positive and relaxed environment. AdemtoI know that it will give you a complete view of your garden. You can also choose a solarium absolutely built with wooden frames. With complete security, with a design that includes wood, the solarium is transformed into a magical corner of light with a lot of comfort.

metal solarium

Knowing the different options, you cannot do without polycarbonate glazing either. This without any doubt, carries a novelty and a very modern style. Designers have advertised finished glazing with curved sheet-glass coatings.

modern solarium

Perhaps with a model of this form it will be possible to feel that the space is reduced. But always and at all times it will be able to be extended somewhat with sliding windows. With what a space in this way will always and at all times be bright, but not hot. If it suddenly drizzles or snows, don’t worry that it won’t harm you being on the polycarbonate coating.

solarium furniture ratan

Another virtue of a curved glass design is that moisture and grime will not accumulate on the surfaces, they will simply roll to the ground. In most cases, a solarium is taken under the term of a living room. Thanks to the satisfying feeling of being able to meet with family and friends in that space.

high level solarium

Create a comfortable and relaxing space

Communicate a cup of coffee while chatting, laughing and entertaining. With what you have to personalize it with a satisfactory decoration. Think of a sofa, some chairs, armchairs or poufs, a small table, in short. When meditating on a group of furniture, let yourself be carried away not only by the harmony with which each and every one of the elements will fit within your solarium. But rather also for the claims of each and every one of the members of the family and the job that they are going to give.

solarium roof glass walls

The feeling of tranquility, the desire to be in the solarium, to spend time there. Just like communicating with close acquaintances, it depends on how harmonious the environment is in that space. Even those who put a fireplace, which is an incessant factor that recreates a pleasant environment.

original solarium

Complementarily, a living room with this kind of composition can be complemented with other elements in the same pleasant way such as curtains on the windows and beautiful potted plants. All of the above is going to make the environment considerably more relaxing and interesting.

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