Small, stylishly decorated balconies

great design terrace modern deco

Today we bring you great ideas on how to customize your balconies small to get the most out of them, don’t miss our selection of images to understand the much more recent designs. If you have a small balcony and want to transform it into a satisfactory space in which to spend time and enjoy the outdoors, you have the possibility of accommodating it with multiple seats and a small table.

Decoration of balconies and small terraces

modern balconies city views deco

This design that we see above shows a balcony of quite a small size. Since the views it provides are amazing, all the decoration was pointed towards them to provide them with greater relevance. An original group of rattan furniture is enough to personalize with style.

Original small balcony decoration

balconies terraces modern deco design

But if you choose a less formal and much more entertaining look, we propose a boho chic style decoration. The good thing about this style is that we have the possibility to use elements of each and every one of the colors and soft complexions. The rugs and cushions are special for the style, and if they are of different colors and bases it will be quite superior.

Decorate balconies in the bohemian style

decorate modern boho balconies

Betting on a decoration based on natural plants is a success as long as we have the possibility to assure them a precaution and favorable conditions for their advancement. Above we can see a wonderful boho-style balcony that, in addition to this, was adorned with plants that hang from a panel on the wall.

Original terrace design with many plants

great design terrace decorated plants

Wood always and at all times is excellent in the decoration of terraces, even in much smaller ones. The wonderful design that we have above teaches us an excellent combination of natural elements; the various plants practically cover the entire balcony area, but in addition to this the ornamental stones and the wooden path make this terrace look like a real garden.

Group of vivid color accessories

decorate terrace blue and green

In any case, a decoration where interesting colors abound is correct for terraces. In this original design, 2 cold tones have been mixed to achieve a very refreshing and youthful appearance. This kind of decoration is ideal on the terraces of flats located near the sea.

Terrace with home decor

decorate terrace balcony summer

The balcony that we see at the top shows us a homey but quite pleasant aspect. As we can see, the furniture is simple and inexpensive and does not form a group, but its intention is to be practical much more than ornament, for this reason the design has been completed with certain colorful ornaments such as ornamental lamps or paper lanterns.

Nice terrace with rattan sofa

decorate terraces pink tones

The original terrace that we see above shows certain very modern elements, as well as the rattan sofa with colorful cushions. It was chosen for a combination of pink tones that contrast and match the tones of the plants.

Small balconies decorated with many plants

small balconies decorated plants

The constructions of houses in recent times, are built more than anything, to solve the problems of housing and the warmth and tranquility remained in a background. As a result, there are a large number of properties in which we are with small flats and practically all of them have balconies that are also small in size.

Magnificent terrace decoration with sun lounger

small balconies lounger carpet flowers

In a space to store a large number of old things on our small balconies we have the possibility of making a precious resting space. At the moment in which one now transports a good time living in an apartment, one begins to estimate transforming it into a comfortable and pleasant space, useful and alive.

Decorate with flower pots with colorful flowers

decorated balconies terraces plants colors

On the internet you can get countless photos, which detail the much more authentic ideas of interior design living rooms, balconies and even narrow balconies. Recently we all find ourselves trying to order our living space in a perfect way according to personal options.

Small terrace with wooden bench

wooden bench exposed brick wall

At the end of the day, everything we do is to make life easier for us and make our claims, so on the balcony we have the possibility of making a small resting space. With the convenient approach, you can transform even a small balcony into a region of comfort, tranquility and maximum occupancy.

Terrace with black and white decoration

nice terrace decoration black white

In the first place to start urgent repairs we must eliminate each and every one of the things piled up on our balcony. With the support of the various photographs that you can find in our garden and terrace section, you can find out the specifications, style and purpose of this corner.
You can opt for a glazed or open balcony.

Modern balcony adorned with a wooden shutter

nice balcony decorated wooden shutter

In order for the balcony to really unite us with nature, it is preferable to do what is feasible to design it by adding natural elements. Natural wood cladding materials to soften the connection between a warm and comfortable indoor environment and the uproarious, active locality.

Original terrace decoration design

nice small modern terrace design

The chosen materials must be resistant to humidity, frost and direct sunlight. For the balcony space you can use wooden or plastic squares, in addition to this, an alternative can be a bamboo cladding, artificial or natural ornamental stone, even plaster.

Terrace decoration with outdoor furniture

decoration terrace furniture summer

Depending on the style configuration of the furniture that has the possibility of being made of wood, aluminum, wicker or plastic. Consequently, it is desirable that the pieces go through a regime that makes them resistant to humidity. In this small area you have the possibility of mounting up to a garden plot to save m2, it is advisable to use a variation of the vertical garden.

decorate balcony green cushions

If you like this approach, your balcony wall can be edited into a flower bed and a vertical garden is also recommended for growing dill, parsley, onion, lettuce, peppers, and other plants. If your balcony is not very tight, you will even have room to arrange a small table and comfortable chairs.

decorate red balconies

Covered in greenery, you can enjoy your moment of freedom with a bowl of coffee, wine, or juice. Using the balcony as a space to have tea, or for a relaxing and satisfying get-together, requires a minimum amount of furniture. For this you can use the unbeatable folding chairs and tables, for small spaces.

decorate small pink terraces

The table can also be mounted on the front railing of the balcony. Such an option can be considered much more correct to protect useful space. A shimmering carpet on the floor will visually expand the boundaries of the long, tight balcony. Striped patterns on the floor give the interior space a homey atmosphere.

decorate terraces table plants

terrace decoration original design

decorate terraces cushions many colors

great modern small balcony design

great decoration plants terrace

great teak wood balcony

great balconies decorated plants

wicker furniture decoration modena

yellow flowers terrace furniture

natural teak wood terrace furniture

terrace furniture home design deco

original wooden table decoration

original small terrace carpet pictures

original retro style balcony design

original small terrace floor covering

original small terrace zen style

small terrace ornaments colors flowers

small terrace kitchen dining room minimalism

great little terrace modern design

small terrace green terrace furniture

white rocking chair

light brown wicker armchairs

modern terrace rattan armchair

small terraces apartment blocks

small terraces small recreation areas

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