Small pond in your garden to add charm to your outdoor décor

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Having a large or small pond is a very simple addition to your garden. A pond can be so small to take up a few gallons of water, or so huge to be the only focal point. Naturally, not all of us have the ability to have a huge garden.

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However, that does not mean that we do not have the possibility of having a small pond in our outdoor space. A small pond is very simple and quick to set up. In most cases, reusable materials are used. In the same way also carry out with solar pumps in order to keep the water circulating and not clogged.

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Still, the water flow can perfectly also be exploited to make small waterfalls. Ponds are among the very popular specifications in gardens and even more so with the Zen tilt. Although it may not seem like it, a pond in your garden. has certain benefits. Several of which go far beyond being an ornamental addition to your garden.

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A pond is much more than an addition to your garden decoration.

Indeed, a pond adds beauty to your garden. This is the primary reason most people put a pond outside. A large or small pond can quickly become the focal point in your garden décor. Especially when you include different colored fish and plants.

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There are people who go a bit much further in the design of their pond, putting certain auxiliary specifications such as waterfalls, rock edges or small sculptures, which without any doubt are pleasing to the eye. Still, the lighting in the ponds in the same way, can make a scope very especially at night.

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Another advantage of a pond in your garden. can provide is relaxation. He closes his eyes and perceives the sound of the water, be it the ocean, the rain or a fountain in a matter of minutes relaxes you. But not only to close your eyes and hear, also simply to see the water and too relaxing and even more so when you are covered in nature.

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The power of water is truly amazing. Apart from giving a Zen mood, the water disguises the sound of the street. The moment you add a small pond to your garden. where the water manages to sound through a small waterfall, it is as if you will create white rumbles.

Mini ponds with small fountains for greater relaxation with the sound of water

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Which will help you spread the noise from the street or from the neighbors a bit. It should be noted that, when you hear or see the water and calm yourself, you are also getting benefit for your psychological health. In the same way, creating a pond also gives a space for your little sanctuary, a safe space for you and that will relax you, making you flee from the rest of the world.

Simple little DIY pond with waterfall to decorate your garden

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This is one of the advantages for psychological health that you will have having a small pond in your garden. There is still evidence that places with water drive much more happiness than any other natural environment. Perhaps the reason why water does not attract and relax so much is because of the link that always and at all times existed with man and with evolutionary history.

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Fresh water was always and at all times essential for human survival, and brackish water was and still continues to be a source of food. The water also helps a lot in meditation, giving a feeling of cry, reducing stress and anxiety.

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On the other hand, water itself releases negatively charged ions into the air. These fight free radicals and purify the air of allergens and pollutants. Still, these negative ions are believed to raise serotonin levels, ease stress and depression, and help raise energy, alertness, and focus.

Gorgeous little pond design to personalize the garden

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A huge benefit of having a pond in your garden. is that optimization the environment. Of course, conserving water is also a financial benefit. Each and every month, gallons and gallons of water are used for the safety of lawns and plants, but having a pond reduces water use.

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The moment the pond is filled for the first time, it is now irrigated by filling in with rainwater. Sometimes, it will only have to be completed a little or depending on the time that has passed, it is necessary to carry out a partial change of water. Although it is worth mentioning that, ponds essentially depend on natural sources of water to sustain a healthy ecosystem.

Small DIY Garden Pond with Reusable Container

small garden pond

The humidity that a pond gives, can be really good for the plants that are near it. While it provides a self-sustaining hydration period that sustains plants alive without the need for such continuous watering. It is essential that you know that, this also helps to maintain the humidity of the soil throughout the much hotter days in the summer season.

Small decoration for the garden with few elements

mini pond decoration

A pond is also amazing, since it works with wildlife that in suburban locations became a bit scarce. A pond is a small shelter where wildlife and native plants get food and water to advance.

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In addition to relaxation, addition to decoration, saving water and helping the environment, you could also benefit from the knowledge that it could give you by being in contact with your pond. Seeing how wildlife reproduce and stay alive can help reward the little ones, and why not? also to the elderly, to know a little much more about the natural planet and the relationship with it.

Small pond with fish for the garden


In other words, it is ideal for creating environmental awareness. You could even involve the little ones in the development of planning, building and caring for a garden pond. Without any doubt, with this you will be able to help them understand how a finished natural ecosystem works. To have a commitment from a very young age to protect our environment. What can spark your interest or passion to make a better future for our world.

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We hardly ever stop to meditate on the little facts. Nor to estimate and contemplate things much simpler. But the moment we think about the potential functionalities in our garden, we realize that certain elements do things that we never value.

Original pond and water fountain to decorate the garden with impressive design and also lighting

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Water is reflective. So the moment the sunlight shines on her, that light expands around her. Ponds that receive sunlight have the possibility to add an added value to your garden. And they could also help plants do a lot more photosynthesis.

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There are people who even claim that a pond or any body of water is considerably more productive than exactly the same land. They are ideal for aquaculture. This is, they are special for the breeding of aquatic species, both animals and plants.

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Many plants, edible and otherwise, do really well in humid conditions. For example, wild rice, watercress, water chestnut, lotus are humid in nature. On the other hand, there are many other thirsty plants that thrive and develop along the edges of ponds. In this way to exploit the overflow of the pond. With what you will be able to grow different plants in and near your small pond.

Mini pond with Zen style to complement decoration

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Something that could also be estimated, although it is not so important, is that a pond could refresh the space somewhat. Of course, you should take into consideration that for what we will indicate, the pond should be something large. A pond could have an effect like an outdoor air conditioner.

Simple but awesome DIY pond

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The moment the water evaporates from the pond area, such development reduces the heat. Which naturally cools the area around it somewhat. This cooling of the area by evaporation would be greatly appreciated. Especially at the time when the temperatures are very high and the humidity is low.

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Of course, maybe this could be a positive point for your economy. Since instead of being at home with the air conditioner on, you can be in your garden and cool off naturally. Depending on the size of your pond, you could exploit it to water the plants in your garden throughout a dry season.

Gorgeous stone pond and bamboo fountain

small zen pond

How to make a mini pond for your garden

The first thing you have to do is select a container of any size but waterproof. Keep in mind that ceramic and metal resist much better to climatic changes. At the same time, plastic containers have the possibility of cracking and leaking.

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Make sure to wash it well so that this way it will not damage the plant or animal life that you will have in your small pond. If the container you chose is not water resistant then add a liner large enough to cover and seal it.

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If required, fold the liner so that it fits perfectly in your small container, which will also hold in place with gravel and water. At this time you will have to choose the place where to put your mini pond. An acceptable location is an area that is slightly radiant. Since it is going to help aquatic plants grow and develop.

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If you put your mini pond in a very sunny space, it will get quite hot and it is not recommended. In the same way, remember to put it in an area where it will not be destroyed by human traffic. Well, you have 2 options.

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The first is that you can put your mini pond directly on the ground of your garden, or on a somewhat much more prominent support. The latter will help to prevent animals or rodents from falling inside. And the second option is to dig a hole deep enough to fit your container perfectly.

Small DIY pond for the garden at ground level

ground level pond

At this point, by the time you have now decided on the site for your DIY pond fill the bottom with aquarium gravel, precisely one inch. Aquarium gravel is considerably more desirable insofar as it is made for underwater landscapes. In addition to this, it will help you better anchor your aquatic plants.

pond plant life

You can use logs or different stones to give the pond some depth and attract wildlife. It is convenient that you manage to occupy half a pond with rainwater. Tap water has chemicals in it that have the potential to be harmful to wildlife.

simple small pond

But if it’s not the rainy season, don’t worry. Fill half the pond with tap water and let it rest for a couple of days before moving on. Once the water is fixed, start putting the plants you chose with their roots in the gravel.

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By the time you have now put your plants, stones and everything you have decided to put in, just complete with rainwater. Ready, at this time you just have to enjoy it and wait for the wildlife to start arriving. It should be noted that small ponds are not suitable for fish unless you locate a filter pump.

pond aquatic plants

This DIY mini pond alternative is the much easier one. Obviously you can have a pond with the size and design that you like as you imagine. You can even make a mini waterfall or a small Zen-style fountain. Your imagination and the desire to have your little pond in your garden has no restrictions. So we hope you have been inspired by the beautiful images and the little DIY tips will assist you.

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