Six ideas to renovate the bathroom for little money


The kitchen and the bathroom are two of the most essential rooms of the house since the ornamental investment in the two spaces has a future value. One of the reasons why certain families must postpone the moment of updating this room of the house is the budget aspect. And it happens that a complete renovation of this region of the property has a prominent cost. However, it is feasible to offer a renewed aesthetic to the bathroom through much easier changes and for a much more affordable price for the pocket. How to achieve this purpose? On Home ideas we offer you six ideas.

1. Change the bathroom faucet

This area advances all the time with new proposals and trends. A gesture as simple as changing this design contributes a much more modern image to the site. Models that form a primary factor in the bathroom thanks to a result that harmonizes with the general style of the room. But, in addition to this, they are elements practical and functional.

To serve as an example, one of the current trends is the use of thermostatic taps with 2 controls, each with a function: one to monitor the proportion of water and the other to regulate the temperature.

2. Change of furniture handles and handles

Another simple initiative with which you can update the aesthetics of the furniture of this room without carrying out a complete transformation is to select a new design of handles with some aesthetic aspect that transforms this element into the main character.

3. Ornamental vinyls for the bathroom


The inclination of the vinyl is little by little more than it is in the house because it gives an original result through an adhesive format so simple to use. These vinyls have the possibility of differentiating when placed on the tiles, on the door or on the screen. A great idea to add notes of color to this room of the house. In addition to this, you can locate quality propositions thanks to designs made in a material strong that guarantees perfect durability.

This design is part of the online sales website catalog These flat-surface adhesive tiles are heat and water resistant. Consequently, they adapt to the humid conditions of the bathroom. You can find this and many other propositions at this online point of sale.

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4. Change the bathroom textiles


You can exploit the sales periods or the liquidations of the home goods stores to obtain novel towels and bathrobes with an attractive design whose aesthetics contribute colour. It is not only feasible to promote the beauty of a room through furniture, but also through those accessories that, far from having a secondary role, are vital. Bathroom rugs and curtains are also a part of the home textile catalog.

5. Change the bath speculum

The speculum It is among the key points of this site that, apart from having an ornamental function, also has a practical vision. The speculum is a primary factor in driving the light. Through a change, you can engage in a game of des by selecting a design that harmonizes or contrasts with the dimensions of the context.

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6. Plants in the bathroom


Ornamental decoration is also revitalized through the aesthetic value of plants that provide a satisfying feeling of comfort. Plants also have the possibility of customizing this home site, however, in such a case you should always and at all times ask the florist for information on what are the proposals that best fit this indoor environment to ensure their precaution. and long-term care.

Therefore, these are six ideas to update your bathroom for little money.

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