Show off your ethnic-style bathroom

Idea BanoMed

Zirconium, a Spanish company with origins in Villarreal that manufactures top quality tiles since 1965, shows us IDEA, a new product that begins to fatten its extensive catalog of compilations.

As you can see in the image that illustrates this product, it gives us the opportunity to dress the bathroom in the purest form ethnic style. How? Using the porcelain stoneware that they have developed, reinventing the usual graphics to merge them with tribal designs.

An acceptable way to offer an exclusive life to the bathroom

I must admit that the end result is incredible. I wouldn’t use it to gaze at the entire bathroom walls for fear of getting dizzy, but it would give it a favored niche for drawing mesmerizing shapes.

IDEA is an active and versatile compilation. It is appreciated that they have planned in the field as if it were a puzzle. In addition to this, I have the feeling that it can be adapted really well to any kind of bathroom as long as black or white are the main character colors. In truth, it occurs to me that combined with light wood furniture it can be spectacular.

It also fits in other environments

The ethnic style that is with the ability to evoke can not only be established in the bathroom. Zirconium showed us how it fits between the walls of a coffee shop and the result is amazing (see the image below). It is a magnificent porcelain stoneware due to its characteristics and its design.

Ethnic Black Zirconium

With what I have been able to investigate, it is free in the 25.6 x 66.6 cm format, the base being 19.9 x 120 cm. It can be achieved with the finish Ethnic Black, which is the original, but they also propose the opportunity to finish the job with the black and white finishes, special to cover the rest of the walls with the goal of creating a mildly wild atmosphere.

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