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Today we have some authentic outdoor lighting ideas for you to inspire you. Acceptable lighting in the garden can help you accentuate and stay outside at night much longer. In this article we gather advice from specialists in gardens and lighting to guide you in choosing the best initiative.

Outdoor clearance authentic ideas for the garden

tree garden lamp shape ball ideas

A sea of ​​flowers in spring and summer, glistening foliage in fall and snow-covered branches in winter: A well-developed garden can offer you excitement and satisfaction every season.

Outdoor lighting ideas for the entrance to your home

entrance house stairs plants lighting ideas

In order for you to enjoy the incredible views outside and the warm summer nights in the garden much longer, you need acceptable lighting. For this you have different free options.

Fire pit in the garden and wooden benches with LED strips underneath

modern outdoor lighting illuminated benches ideas

You can choose between atmospheric light on the garden wall, plant trees or illuminated statues, or light that guides you on the sides of paths and stairs. Apart from the design we must take into consideration the safety points that must be taken into consideration for an individual and well-ordered lighting term in the garden.

Outdoor lighting ideas of LED lamps on the sides of the path in the garden

modern outdoor lighting bulbs between plants ideas

Acceptable outdoor lighting doesn’t just give you light in the dark. As you now well know, the garden has to be an extension of your outdoor space. At least this we always mention at all times when we talk about garden and terrace design.

Updated fireplace in small garden

modern outdoor lighting fireplaces fire ideas

For lighting there is also exactly the same rule. First, an acceptable lighting must be selected to make a connection between the interior and exterior space. This is assured by specialists in outdoor lighting.

Tiny garden with lamps between the plants to illuminate it

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The lighting in the garden lets you put the elements in the first flat and thus separate them from the environment giving depth to the garden. It doesn’t matter if you are designing a new garden or doing a complete renovation, it makes sense to plan the lighting from the beginning.

Lighting on the original garden wall

modern outdoor lighting small garden deck chairs ideas

In this way you will be able to put the cables where necessary and also arrange the lights appropriately when you finish with this, now you will have the expected scope. If the garden is now equipped with a beautiful light, it is convenient to work with sketches and also exact ideas.

Garden with very large lighted pool

modern outdoor lighting garden pool garden ideas

Our advice and that of the specialists is that you visualize your garden but throughout the night at the moment when it is dark and then now you can meditate which place is much more appreciated or much more attractive for you and where it is worth putting lighting .

Small garden with grass and flowerpots with spotlights inside

modern outdoor lighting lighted flower pots ideas

Try to contrast with the use of near and far lights so that you will have points that have different depths. Do not forget that you have to illuminate the most important things, such as particular trees, hedges or statues to serve as an example.

White pots that will light up the garden at night

modern lighting pots ideas exterior

In the same way, you have to estimate exactly where you feel much happier when you are out. This could be the dining room or the space with the armchairs where you have coffee, as you pay attention to the lighting design of this space as well.

Very authentic options to light up your traditional garden

modern lighting interesting options ideas exterior

For greater safety in the garden, the entrance path or the stairs also have to be illuminated. In addition to this, the decision of the intensity of the light is essential so that you can see the illuminated elements also from the inside. Prevents glare points that can obstruct between the interior and the exterior.

Lamps on the wall to light up the garden

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In the market you can find many options with different designs of, outdoor lights, wall lamps, floodlights floodlights LED lighting recessed wall lamps, general lighting, floodlights ceiling / ceiling lamps, wall lights, recessed lights of wall, ceiling spotlights, recessed ceiling spotlights, floor spotlights, recessed floor spotlights, LED spotlights, bollards, path lighting, headlamp lamps, lamps for water fountains and for swimming pools.

Spotlight ideas in the small garden floor

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Thanks to LED strip lights, there are now also incredible ways to fit your garden with linear lighting of any length rather than just selectively. The exterior lighting must be made of aluminum, stainless steel or brass, so that after time does not form rust, experts say.

Lighted water fountains in the garden

modern outdoor lighting garden floor ideas

It is also essential that the unique lamps or lights that can be used in the garden, are designed to be able to tolerate humidity and heat. Unfortunately, at least to date there are no solar lights, which have a corresponding thickness for acceptable garden lighting. Consequently, lamps that are connected to the electrical network are used much more today.

House with modern design and exterior space illuminated at night

modern lighting ceiling lamps ideas exterior

Since the current is not like it is inside and it does not come from the ceiling or the wall, you should consider obtaining solid cables but that are easily twisted. Generally, you have to have smart moving lamps near the exit.

House with a very large garden and really well lit

modern lighting ceiling wood lamps ideas exterior

For greater distances, a particular cable is applied under the ground that must be placed at least 60 cm deep. Although the cable is particular, do not forget to put it in a protection tube.

Rest place in the garden with spotlights that illuminate it at night

lighting furniture terrace pergola ideas exterior

At the moment when you suppose in the lighting of the garden you have to meditate on making an enigmatic, moving and contemplative space but that depends on how each of them interprets the design of your garden. At this time we leave you with our images to inspire you.

Small pool and lighted water fountain in the garden

lighting garden pool pots options ideas

Lamps on the ground placed between the plants in the garden

lighting plants pool wall garden ideas

Much more lighting options put between the plants in the garden

tall pots bulbs between plants ideas

Very authentic lamps and LED strips under the benches in the modern garden

terrace concrete benches illuminated ideas

Retro-designed lampposts on the updated terrace

terrace ceiling lamps walls modern ideas

Really well lit outdoor dining area


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