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private garden protected unwanted glances pergola ideas

Today we have planned in each and every one of the people who have beautiful gardens but at the moment they are there, they feel as if they are in the middle of the street. Look at the gallery of images that we elaborate for you and continue with our advice and also ideas to make a mystery garden and very intimate.

Mystery garden protected from unwanted gazes by green walls

private garden protected unwanted glances modern design ideas

This is not so simple and even more so when your backyard peeks into your neighbor’s Jacuzzi or your calm is interrupted all the time by the din from the street. Here are some ideas for creating gardens with much more privacy.

Mystery garden with outdoor dining

private garden protected unwanted glances pergola dining room ideas

Our first initiative is to put up fences. Fence options are many and range from solid tongue and groove or board gates to slat or lattice semi gates. A trim made of cutout lattice makes a solid fence feel less oppressive.

Wide and extensive terrace kept from unwanted glances

private garden protected unwanted glances plants pots ideas

After estimating the materials, the care involved must be taken into consideration. Wood commonly needs to be painted or lacquered every few years.

Private garden with contemporary design

private garden protected unwanted glances fence plants

Low-care options are enclosed in all-free vinyl or aluminum powder coatings in neutral tones of white, copper, black and green.

Wood valley and bamboo plants in the private garden


The second initiative we have is creating walls. The solid walls that cover a patio give more privacy and it can be very interesting if it is made of stone, brick, adobe or concrete block.

Canvas pergola in the private garden

secret garden protected unwanted glances contemporary design ideas

You have the possibility to soften the design by putting plants on the edges that climb a trellis. A composition like a wooden pergola will give a contrast that will warm up the hard stone or brick area.

Authentic Curtain Site Ideas

secret garden protected unwanted glances curtains ideas

Green walls made of densely planted evergreens or shrubs, coniferous species especially capable of this, offer intimacy and calm.

Very cute green wall ideas

secret garden protected unwanted glances white furniture ideas

Keep in mind that if you choose hedges you must take good care of them since they need recurrent trimming.

Very low green walls in the private garden

secret garden protected unwanted glances pool deck chairs ideas

Another solution is a mix of evergreens and deciduous trees, with some flowers underneath. This allows light to penetrate throughout the winter and creates visual interest throughout the year.

Small garden covered by brick fence

secret garden protected unwanted glances high fences ideas

Another original alternative is a wooden trellis that is a multipurpose construction factor and simple to arrange. They have the possibility of being used as semi-private walls on a terrace or patio. They are free of different materials and colors.

Updated house developed by

Pargar Architecture Design Studio garden medium house ideas

At this time we leave you to check these images and inspire you to make a fantastic mystery and private garden.

Very original office developed by Platform 5 Architects

platform 5 architects designed office garden ideas

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