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Rustic garden design is gradually becoming more common among those who choose the natural approach to design and are staunch of green ideas. Making the design of a rustic garden means seeking stability between a half wild vegetation and the desire of man to submit nature to his intention.

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The decoration and garden furniture should also make a harmonious relationship with the surrounding vegetation. This is that in the design of rustic gardens, natural materials such as wood, stone and in certain cases metal are chosen. The lines are not straight or parallel but rather curved and reproduce a miniature natural landscape.

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In this article we will talk much more in detail about the design of rustic gardens and offer you certain attractive ideas that you have the possibility of recreating in your gardens.

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Man has long been destined to personalize his home. The garden is the continuation of the house and there are no 2 identical gardens. The chosen style, such as the furniture and decoration acquired from the store have the possibility of offering individuality to your garden.


In addition to this, certain of them, such as garden furniture, supports for climbing plants, containers, low fences, also have a useful destination.


What are the styles of gardens?

As you know, gardens can be made in different styles: traditional and landscaped, Mediterranean and oriental, such as the rustic style (country garden). Each style has its specifications for planning, plant selection, ornaments or small architectural forms.


To serve as an example, traditional gardens are identified by straight paths, a square or square pond, fountains, a sundial, birdhouses, containers that look like jugs. The Japanese garden involves the use of stone lamps and pagodas, bowls for washing hands, bamboo fences and the construction of a tea gazebo.

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In the Mediterranean garden, it is customary to plant plants with silver foliage, scented herbs and put clay jugs and jugs with the appearance of amphorae. For the rustic style the winding paths, the irregular flower beds and the ponds, the terraces surrounded by stones, the free planting of trees and shrubs are typical.

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Rustic garden design

Today we are going to talk about the rustic style garden, because this kind of garden is more frequently and is the much simpler to maintain. This garden has its specifications, firstly, it is the use of natural materials.


The fence is made of wood, pegs, boards, slats or thin logs of birch with bark, or it is a wattle fence made of wicker (willow twigs). In the garden, it is also not bad to put low fences (30-60 cm) for the beds and beds.

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In addition to this they have the possibility of putting tall walnut logs (2-3 cm in diameter) or tall supports of mountain ash or arches for climbing plants. For a country-style garden, store-bought metal or plastic fences are unlikely to be appropriate, but log fences are quite ideal.


The garden furniture must also be made of painted or natural wood. If they are made of natural wood without coloring, they must be varnished with a particular strong water-based varnish, the same is valid for colored paints. A much easier variation of making garden furniture and very original is also to create furniture from stumps, logs or branches. In a resting space, it is good to put one or many more wooden benches.


If you want to find a rustic garden design, we recommend that you avoid plastic furniture, however comfortable and achievable it may be. However, the occasional metal furniture will be welcome and will create a much more elegant feeling.

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The paths and the patio terrace where the garden furniture is placed can be made of planks or transversal logs, or they have the possibility of being covered with bark, chips or covered with grass.


The pavement of the terrace in front of the house can also be made of natural stones. If you want to use manufactured tiles, choose rustic designs that mimic natural stone.


Such a garden will be perfectly complemented by a square or round pavilion made of wood, in which it is very favorable to receive guests or have tea with the whole family.


The sides of the gazebo can be surrounded by wild grapes, red beans or vines (morning glory). The only problem here could be insects, but with the right preparations you will easily suppress it.

What plants should we plant in rustic design gardens?

Rustic-designed gardens must be decorated with uniquely chosen flowers and plants. Exuberant roses or lilies to serve as an example are not very correct.


The plants that would be much more appropriate for this kind of garden are: lupinus of different colors, huge chamomiles, poppies, roses (mallow), cornflowers, ornamental sunflower, aquilegia, bells, foxglove. You can plant dahlias, singularly golden balls, but they don’t have to predominate in the flower garden. Of the flowers every year are good: marigolds, poppies, and so on.


Generally the plants and flowers that are appropriate for rustic design gardens are quite hardy and do not need a lot of care. However, if you want your garden to have an attractive appearance, you must water it regularly.


It is worth planting ornamental shrubs as well. In this way it will give a volume and hide unsightly buildings (as an example of an instrument hut), it will divide the garden into zones, and with its flowers and aromas they will contribute to the general style of the garden.


The most prominent for this purpose are hibiscus, rose bushes, bird of paradise, oleander, forsythia, and so on. Fruit bushes (currant, black and red, raspberry, viburnum) will not only give rich and healthy fruits, but also have the possibility of decorating the garden if they are placed in an open area.


From fruit trees you have the possibility of planting apple, pear, plum, cherry, etc. And if you do not want to have a fruit garden, plant at least one Chinese tree, rowan or bird cherry: with their flowers and fruits they will decorate the garden from spring to autumn and attract birds.


A rustic garden cannot do without a vegetable garden. Although they are only enough beds of onions, carrots, cabbages, cucumbers, zucchini, fennel, turnips or peas.


If you do it in the form of a modular garden (enclose the terraces of a board fence) and decorate it on the outside every year with flowers (marigolds, marigolds) and scarecrows then perhaps it will be the much more attractive place in the garden. For those who do not want to grow their vegetables it is good to have at least minus a terrace of spices.


The pond in the rural garden

The pond looks good in any garden, as the water energizes the place and brings good luck to the home. Even a small pond made from a baby bath can be decorated, for example, with a clay jug placed on its side, at the bottom of which a hole is made and a hose is passed to form a small waterfall. And apart from the jug you can put there a funny frog or other kind of decoration. Plants that are fanatical of moisture such as lilies will thrive near the pond.


Garden decoration

Well, naturally certain ornamental figures, acquired in a store or made with their hands or attached to the little ones, will give life and a signal of human presence to the space.


To serve as an example, a pillar, intertwined with wild grapes, will serve as the base for a bird house. Most likely, no birds come to live, but they have the opportunity to pose on the roof and sing a song.

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Rustic garden design – tips

Carry out a review of old things in the basement or attic: baskets, buckets, watering cans, pots, pans, toddler cars, even old boots and other insignificant shoes, everything can be transformed into pots in which you can plant every a flourishing year. And nasturtiums, fragrance peas, and other climbing plants are going to look good on wooden sticks or other items that stand to be useful for this purpose.


One part of the garden can take a grassy lawn, which must be cut regularly. It is good to put a swing or a hammock. Sometimes, on the lawn, he puts a small wheelbarrow that serves as a container for plants or a wooden mill, playing the role of a garden statue.


A small area (multiple m2) is good to grow with a flower lawn such as daisies, cornflowers, poppies. Such a lawn will decorate the location, attracts a lot of butterflies, beetles, dragonflies. It is required to cut it a couple of times per season, at the beginning of July and in the month of August.


Another grass alternative is clover, which is a perennial culture. Clover grass is sufficiently attractive and favorable for rustic garden design.


The decoration options have no limit, the main thing is to get to work and use your imagination. Then your rustic garden will please and surprise you and your guests for years to come.


Rustic garden design – ideas

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