Renovated bathrooms before and after. Home decoration,

Does your bathroom need an appearance change? Today we share inspiring images of renovated bathrooms to give you ideas. You will see how with a few simple procedures, a hand of painting on walls or furniture, a change of speculum or renovation of accessories, etc. … you can find enormous results.

Renovated bathrooms before and after


There are insurmountable spaces in which you will have to replace even the floor. Do not be afraid, on other occasions, easy reforms that you can carry out yourself will suffice.

renovated bathrooms

We suggest covering a wall with recycled wood. You have to take into consideration that the image in the photograph fits a courtesy toilet. This is why in such a case they do not need to take into account the humidity and steam generated by the shower or bathtub. If you want to cover a wall in your bathroom with wood, request on treated or waterproof wood.


A little hand of painting to walls and furniture and bathroom like new! Isn’t it simple?



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