Pool Gardens for Inspiring Designs in 40 Amazing Ideas

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An important aspect in every home is the gardens. An essential area to be in contact with nature. If you want a space to relax and separate ourselves a bit from the daily stress, you have the possibility of seeing yourself as a necessity. The aesthetic effect is greater when they are mixed with the pools. Gardens, swimming pools and a correct selection of plants can carry out our favorite waterfall corner from our exterior.

Gardens pools for small modern spaces

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To get a garden with a usable pool, the first of the components are the different species of plants. Gardens, swimming pools and any space that mixes them need abundant vegetation. Highlighting all the greenery of the plants always and at all times gives that exotic and different touch to our patio.

Gardens swimming pools really well incorporated into the space with enormous naturalness

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The effect of the lawn is immediate and effective for a modern design. There are species such as lemon or orange trees that look fabulous near the pool. In the same way, Oleander and Laurel, depending on the time and style of the garden, palm trees are another species that we recommend. For the gardens swimming pools are seen as a huge addition.

Pool in an outdoor setting with flowers and rocks decorating the classic patio area

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However, your encounter can be reduced if you do not get the exact flirt. Study your patio and establish which are those areas in which there is a greater proportion of shade or sun throughout the day. Naturally, pools have to be located exactly in the much more radiant area. In this way the water will be held at a much more satisfactory temperature.

Design with translucent walls that allow you to enjoy the entire landscape of the patio and garden

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They are not recommended near large trees. The effect of the roots has the potential to be threatening in the composition of the pool. Pool gardens and the attractiveness of the designs are also related to the forms and their attractiveness. There are geometric shapes that can never be ignored by our guests.

Variation of a garden with palm trees conceived for a space with a terrace bordered by rocks

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The infinity edge models are ideal for modern gardens. More than anything, those gardens are attentive to the form of a terrace to adjust them to the conditions of the lot. It is essential that in swimming pool gardens and the entire design a balance is sought.

Very elegant landscape that bets on the huge trees to make shady areas in the patio

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Have a calculation between the aesthetic and the usable. Depending on the space that we always have at all times, the pool will occupy a remarkable area with what must always be harmonious at all times. Having a pre-conceived style pretty much assists in the entire development of creation.

Beautiful layout with potted flower plants nestled between the rocks that line the pool

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You can follow exactly the same theme of the house abroad or do something truly new. The essential thing is that the result is attractive and truly lets you rest in peace. Once you have defined a style and what you want with the plants then you can now move on to the design of the pool.

Another beautiful modern garden with a waterfall over pools and corten steel planters in the background

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As essential as shapes when it comes to pool gardens and space is color. It can be said that there are common shades such as the situation of greens or blues. Another trend trend is the common white in minimalist designs. Gardens, swimming pools and all the settings that are created should not ignore the effect of lighting.

Shrubs of different sizes in the region of the walls that are ideal for privacy

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With the correct lighting we can emphasize different points of interest. It can be plants, statues and even a wall in the courtyard. Thanks to the lighting, enjoying a great swim in the pool will not be a problem. The space of the gardens, swimming pools and the entire patio would be incomplete without suitable furniture.

Statues are a flawless way to personalize your patio and the entire pool region


Our comfort will largely depend on that. There is a wide variety of designs but there is one aspect that we cannot ignore. We are talking about the selection of models resistant to different components. Both those of a climatic type such as the high sun or the effect of chlorinated water in the pool. The essential thing is to combine the serviceable and the beauty of the furniture. In our photographs you will be able to see different styles and truly inspiring designs.

A wooden interface that integrates with great distinction throughout the garden space


Initiative that also combines large trees and umbrellas for resting areas


Pool infinity edge in design that combines the natural features and the rocks of the patio


Another variation of an infinity pool in a landscape with xeriscape and huge mountain views


Undoubtedly a case of setting with an exotic touch with plants around the edge

gardens-pools-borders-design-modern-house-palm trees

Small model of pool that adjusts really well to the dimensions of the garden space

gardens-pools-elements-palm trees-cactus-designs

Statues and pathways leading up to the pool area cool minimalist scope


Rustic wooden bench creates a different accent in this modern pool garden


Multiple sitting areas with wooden furniture and flowering plants around the edge


Clean-lined, multi-site, minimalist garden with gravel near prominent green wall


Garden herbs another of the spectacular ideas to be able to have greater privacy in your pool


Multiple points of light are very precise to emphasize plants or certain areas of interest


Initiative applying the points of light in the lower region of the plants in the situation of the bamboo wall


A serviceable layout for the garden that includes lounge and region with updated fireplace


Another case of a resting area conceived for a dining room with rustic design furniture


Natural design with a special harmony and really well that fits into the landscape with few flowers


Tropical variation that also relies on lighting to highlight location data


A garden conceived for a terrace with incredible views and adapting the garden to the lot

gardens-pools-palm trees-terraces-ideas-colors-views

Zen space with a cool and pleasant image with light data around the edge of the pool

gardens-pools-points-illuminated-outdoor-lounges-dining rooms

Example of Villa Samadhana a term of open landscape with an enormous tropical beauty


The paths are a huge resource to make more dynamism in all the garden design


Initiative with multiple islands around the edge of the pool that combines different plant species


Modern patio in a well-conceived style for 2 terrace settings.


An interesting variation with tropical style and finishes with natural materials in furniture


Initiative space with an image that harmonizes perfectly with the style of the entire home


Shrubs of significant size have the possibility of helping to maintain the temperature of the water with the shade


Rock garden adorned with wrought iron elements that give a rustic look to the design


Creating the garden with practical rest areas located at the ends of the pool


Rock wall without a doubt creates a huge visual effect, design by Robert Kaner Interior Design


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