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Today we have some ideas and tips for all of you on how to make a playground in our garden. As we understand summer is very close, the weather is much hotter and that means that we have the possibility to spend the afternoons outdoors. We are sure that they remember their childhood summers at the time when they used to spend their days running, jumping and also planning adventures in the local park.


What little ones like a lot most in the summer is the fact that they can spend a lot of time outdoors. This gives parents a flawless ability to be sneaky and transform the backyard into a fun-filled playground.


If you always and at all times look for a playground in which you do not worry about safety problems for your children?

We think that the backyard is the much more appropriate destination for you. You have the possibility to carry out a DIY backyard endeavor for your children to play and have fun or to get a construction.

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In this article you can learn about a wide variety of fun games for the backyard. Knowing that your children play in your yard. Let them have a heartwarming backyard adventure.


At this time we are going for certain fundamental elements for a park in the backyard. A garden provides plenty of space for youngsters to explore and thrive without being too far from the supervision of their parents.


In the season where we live with the wide variety of gadgets, such as smart mobile tablets and computers, not in all cases it is easy to take the little ones out of the house. If you think that our little ones need to be much more active, which is going to make them much happier, a space to climb and play in the back garden may be the perfect way to keep them in shape.


At this time, if these are just a few elements that you can have in a back garden, the most essential thing is to proceed to a safe and entertaining composition, you only need knowledge, intention, time and some money.


surely after being surely you want a playground in the garden you must select the place. The site you choose is essential to the overall success of the gaming region. It is essential to have an acceptable view of the home playground from the windows of the house in case you will be supervising from the inside occasionally.


Safe surfaces

The surfaces under your playpen matter to keep your children safe when the inevitable falls happen. By providing safe surfaces under the slide, swing or seesaw that reduces collision, little ones will not suffer serious injuries, as well as broken bones and head injuries.


Rubber flooring is uniquely effective for playgrounds. For municipal playgrounds the regulations state that the ground must be soft, we advise you to continue this alternative option for your private park.


You have the choice between rubber flooring or a large proportion of sand. The thickness of its rubber floor is dependent on the height of the fall, although there are elements that do not require a soft floor, such as certain small rockers.


In addition to this, make sure that the rubber floor area extends to at least 75 centimeters from each edge of the composition. If you live in a house whose garden does not have a flat area, you have the possibility of exploiting this hill to make tragic tracks or paths that make playgrounds at home much more entertaining.


Don’t underestimate the power of a hill when it comes to making a home playground. If you do not have a slope or a hill, you have the possibility of easily dispensing with these paths. But if you have it, your little ones have the possibility of using it for certain unexpected occupations while your children will undoubtedly be able to invent games with the support of their friends and some imagination.



Little ones need supervision while they play in any composition, whether in the public park or in their private park. Singularly in the case of little ones who learn to have fun with each and every one of the elements that are in the playgrounds, the highlight that we have the possibility of doing is observing them carefully so that they play safely.


To enjoy plenty of fun throughout the summer season, the highlight that we have the possibility of carrying out is simply adding water. Nor are we talking about installing a pool, your little ones will be happy with the addition of some simple lawn sprinklers, a small measure of water makes the back garden a very attractive space even during the much warmer months of holidays. summers.


You can also use temporary constructions like inflatable pools and “slide slides” that are really useful in that they are simple to move and eliminate the need to shelter the device throughout the winter season.


Another thing you can do to help your children have fun in the garden is to add shelters and hiding places. Commenting on this, if your garden is very sunny, do not allow the bright sun or drizzle to distance your children from your outdoor play area.


So that this does not happen, we must meditate on the best way to protect the play area, this will help you make sure that your children will not suffer from sunburn and that they will remain dry while playing outdoors. If you live in a region with regular rainfall, your children would probably appreciate a little shelter outside.


Regular inspection

One essential thing after arranging each and every element of your playground and before letting your children start their games, it is essential to examine and hold the area carefully to avoid damaging your small assets.


Nor should we forget that these elements that make up our park will wear out after a while and with use. Check the connections and the strength of the chains and ropes. Make sure there are no sharp edges or points sticking out of the composition of the park.


With a care and Also regular inspection, you can expect your park to last for several years before you need to start replacing worn parts.


There are dozens of ways to transform even the simpler garden into a home playground is sure to recreate your little ones for years to come. All that is needed is some imagination that your children will happily offer you and some planning, which is much more common for older people.


Depending on your budget you have the ability to add the ultimate in fun for your children. But we assure you that the little ones will love everything you do for them and even more so if they are committed to building their toys.


With 2 litter boxes, a trapeze bar, and a climbing wall, they’ll have so much fun that they won’t be back in the home until sunset. On the internet there are many manuals that have the possibility to assist you when assembling the sets. Building wooden swings can be a simple and safe job employing recurring familiar tools but while being cautious and genuinely knowledgeable.


How to start the construction of playgrounds?

For parents, building toys for children is an opportunity to teach their skills and gain popularity, not only among their children, but also among their friends. There are tons of great ideas for playground equipment that you can pull off on your own, but don’t miss out on discussing things with your little ones.


What little ones like a lot most in the summer is being able to spend a good time outdoors. This gives parents the flawless ability to transform the backyard into an amusement park. There are tons of great ideas you can evaluate – check these photos again and make sure you get the little ones involved in your projects as well.


Something that you can create in a house or a space where your children have the possibility to hide something like a «sports complex» for the much younger ones adorned with drawings of their favorite individuals from fairy tales for the little ones over 6 years of age. They have the possibility of having a horizontal bar, or a rope and other elements to practice sports apart from playing.


The park must be a very attractive space so that it attracts the attention of the little ones, it is preferable to opt for a slow cover for the ground in attractive colors The little ones are moving a lot and fall frequently, which again we remember the rubber flooring.


If you are going to make a wood composition, do not forget that each element in the park has to be carefully filed and covered with paint or strong varnish. The dimensions of the swings, slides, sand boxes and others must be in accordance with the age and height of the child.


If you want something much simpler, the simplest thing to do is a litter box. For the construction of a litter box you will need thick and long plates. Do not forget to file the sheets of wood; you have the possibility to fix the composition with particular glue or screws. We expose you much more than one photograph of litter boxes.


This is something much simpler at this time it comes among the much rather difficult probably there are no playgrounds without a slide. Keep in mind that carrying out a slide for the little ones is not that easy. Here it is a requirement to take into consideration a number of nuances.


Accordingly, we recommend that you purchase the items now made. The good thing is the wide variety of offerings and designs. And if you still want to create a slide with your hands, then at least try to get a ready-made ramp.


The little ones often like to be alone, so the house is a good complement to their playground, no matter how small. Creating a home can be simple or difficult depending on its exact design.


We are sure that you will create some playgrounds in the garden that are safe and beautiful for family employment since we talk about the most essential, our children we remind them to use high definition materials.


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