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Having a playground in the garden is the dream of every child and of their parents it is dependent on whether the situation is going to be done or not. The truth is that it has nothing to do with a childish whim. The little ones require considerably more movement than the older ones (or not, but this is another topic that we will not discuss here).


This is that the incessant movement is the natural state of each and every one of the healthy little ones and of each and every one of the humans generally. Movement is life and the moment we stop being active comes old age and medical problems.


But commenting as children, active games are of key relevance for their advancement not only physical but also psychic and mental. Child development experts have found that children whose physical strength, coordination and orientation skills are well developed are also much more capable and learn more easily.

wooden house

The playground in the garden is not a whim

Having a playground at your fingertips in your garden will give your children the opportunity to play freely at any time they need without the need to worry about the time or the working hours of their parents.


Being frank, parents often find ourselves quite busy and we do not have time to take the little ones to have fun in a park or we take them only for an hour at a time when they need considerably more time to expend their energy and perfect their abilities. physical. In such a case, creating a playground in the garden is the highlight that we have the possibility of carrying out to encourage the multilateral advancement of our descendants.


In this publication we will show you many photographs with creative ideas for the construction of a playground in your home garden.
Families who live in a house with a garden have the privilege of having a private playground for their children there. The size of the garden does not matter as much as always and at all times a corner can be assigned so that the little ones can play outdoors and be safe.


Criteria for the design of the playground

Having a garden without dependency lets you plan its gradual transformation as the little ones grow. The design of the playground is primarily dependent on the age of the little ones who are going to use it. What is good and capable for the little ones of 2 or 3 years, would not please the 5 and 6 years and still less the little older ones. The other critical method to consider throughout the planning of the park is the interests and character of the child.


Parents often decide to create a playground in their garden with their hands not so much for reasons of economy, but rather for the desire to please their child because who knows better about their parents what their child likes … to be crazy about a pirate ship, and others choose to own a real home with a porch, a door and each and every one of the precise attributes.


How to select the location of the playground in the garden?

This is a very difficult task to solve. First, it is desirable that the playground is apparent from the home, that is, from the room where the family members spend most of the time. Ideally, the place is viewed from multiple rooms or points.


Next, it must be located away from the potential risks posed by certain sites such as wells, firewood sheds, etc. Thirdly, it is good to take into account the peculiarities of the lot: if it is flat or inclined and in what way is the ground where the recreational creations will be mounted. If the ground is soft enough or hard enough, this can lead to problems with the assembly and the safety of the construction.


It is not bad to order the play area near a wall that can be a useful accompaniment for the installation of certain games. To serve as an example to carry out a mini climbing wall, a rope ladder, a blackboard and other gadgets that are attractive to the little ones.


It is also a requirement to consider lighting. The playground does not have to be regularly in the shade, but it is not a requirement that the sun shine all day. Precisely 2/3 of the location must be in the shade (sandpit, swing) and 1/3 – in the sun – the pool, if there is one, and the area of ​​active games.


If there are no shadows on the court, you will need to set up a pergola or put up a large umbrella.
In addition to this, keep in mind that the chosen site must be totally safe. Each and every one of the electricity cables, water hoses and plugs must be protected to ensure the prevention of accidents. The little ones are very curious and they like to witness. For these reasons, no duty should be performed with security.


How much location is required to make a playground in the garden?

Little ones don’t need enough space: an easy shell-like sandbox, a small pool, and a slide if feasible. It is positive that the site is covered with grass or some suitable material slowly where the little one can lie down to play. Everything mentioned can be created in an area of ​​4-5 m2.

sandpit playground

For the much smaller little ones, it is convenient to fence the area. This will give you the possibility of not being around all the time and dedicate yourself to your things keeping an eye on them. You will feel much more relaxed knowing that the little ones are in sight and safe. The fence can be of any material according to your imagination, desire and options.

interesting playground

The main thing is that it has to be safe, durable and completely unsurpassed for the little ones. For example, you can use a fencing mesh painted in bright colors so as not to look as severe as a prison.


If for some reason this alternative is not acceptable, you can put a wooden slat fence at shoulder height for the little ones. The distance between the neighboring slats should be such that the child’s head cannot get there. The slatted fence can be colored in different colors. Be careful that the ends of the slats are rounded and there are no sharp edges or chips.


For young adults, the fence is not accurate at the moment. However they will require much more space and also much more challenging installations than a sandbox. If it is feasible, leave 8-9 m2 for children up to 7 years old and at least 12 square meters for children between 7 and 12 years old. And if you want to have a group of much more serious recreational creations, you will need considerably more space.

Playground playhouse

Appropriate flooring

While the little ones are small, the grass is ideal for them. To contemplate the lot of a home playground, a particular composition of herbs with high resistance to abrasion can be used. The grass is not so attractive on the facade, but it is with the ability to support children’s play and it is natural. Disadvantage of the lawn: the need for regular care: watering, cutting, etc.

hill-slide playground

However, if we talk about young adults, the grass is not the highlight, especially in the region of active games: near the slides and swings. These are the most problematic areas. If you leave these areas «As they are», then at the moment when it drizzles a puddle will form under the creations that in a short time can be transformed into a swamp.


Another variation is to contemplate the entire area of ​​fine sand. Occasional leveling and completion will be required, but this is perhaps the much more practical solution.

wooden playground

Another alternative is to look at the crumbled bark play area. This lining is slow and non-traumatic. You just need to grind it well and remove the shavings that manage to be there.


Of the much more technological pavements we have the possibility of providing the following:
Factory rubber, placed on a flat base of precise or asphalt. The value is $ 25-70 per square meter.

modern playground

Rubber crumb coating with the addition of an astringent. It is thrown on the ready level area. The value is $ 25-80 per square meter.

original playground

High consistency PVC modular systems. Plates, which are connected to each other. The value of one square meter is $ 50-70.

luxury playground

Artificial grass. It is prolonged on a ready base of quartz sand and rubber chips, it needs water drainage. Depending on the thickness, it costs $ 40 to $ 80.

playground with-house

It is very difficult to choose. There are quite a few mutually exclusive requirements and wishes, but you’re going to have to choose something. The most common option: a lawn, the second much more common, sand. The rest of the coatings are applied only in places, of the much more “loaded” parts.
And at this moment we come to the subject much more attractive and very difficult

playground of-logs-of-garden

How to select children’s games?

Planning the elements of a playground is the best part for the little ones. Ultimately they will be the clients of the gaming region, and their wishes must be listened to and taken into account.


We frequently try to reproduce what in our opinion will be entertaining for them and then we are struck by the fact that the little ones play anywhere, but not in the location, which they built with so much love. This can happen if you follow your wishes and hopes and not those of the little ones. Listen to what the child wants, visit your friends who have such facilities and see where the child spends much more time. In this way you will form a concept of what your child’s playground should be like.

natural-materials playground


For the little ones in the playground there should be a sandbox. This brings out your coordination and imagination. You can get a plastic one or create with your hands from wooden planks. It is good that it has a cover to protect it when it rains and from the animals,

original playground


The most common children’s game is housing. In it they have the possibility to hide their assets from the eyes of the elderly and establish your own rules. For the little ones, it does not matter what material their house is built from. They play perfectly in a tent carried out of canvas, a cabin carried out of branches or a genuine miniature wooden dwelling. There is a wide variety of small home creations that are quickly and easily “built”.

playground in-garden


Also very popular among the little ones are the slides. The fast descent is very entertaining and can be repeated until the moment you tire yourself out. Here for parents there are adversities: What to do the slide? The classic coating – a sheet of stainless steel – at this time became very expensive. Ordinary steel does not work: it rusts very quickly, so we must look for a substitute. There are multiple options:
– Get a plastic slide;
– Carry out a wooden one. In such a case, the boards must be polished very carefully. The descent will not be fast, but it will be safe for the much younger ones. And when they grow, you can look for another much faster coating.

playground in-the-garden


Hanging swings are common not only among the little ones but rather among the older ones as well. There are many different options, from models for babies to small older ones. To make such fun you don’t need a lot of materials. First look for chains or ropes, on which the stool will be put.

small playground

If you use ropes, you have to monitor their condition regularly: they become less durable from exposure to the sun and the elements and have the possibility of breaking without warning. Chains are much more reliable: they hold heavy loads, but they pose another risk: chain links have the potential to pinch the skin. It is very unfortunate and huge bruises are generated. But there is a solution: the chain can be inserted into plastic hoses as far as the child’s hands can reach. Its shell will protect the hands of children and adults who swing the swing (or ride alone).

children's playground with trampoline

These are the basic elements from which you can create a playground in your garden. For little adults, you can add a bar and rings. At the moment they not only need to develop coordination, but rather muscle strength as well. As a general rule, you will probably find many ideas. We hope that the playground you build for your children brings them joy and excitement.

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