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planters with pallets

Wooden pots look truly admirable in your garden or driveway and also provide a healthy future for your indoor plant thanks to their adaptable quality. You can shape your planter in any desirable shape with this ingredient and make a wooden planter out of virtually any kind of wood! Today we want to talk to you about real ideas to carry out planters with pallets, do not miss them.

make flower pots with pallets

Plants not only make the space much more inviting and refreshing, but are also believed to contribute to healthy comfort. But if you’re tired of the usual clay pots or ceramic pots, repurposed wooden pallets are the next big thing.

Little by little more common for its DIY and rustic facade, wooden pallets transformed into garden pots are a common and productive way to integrate nature into your home. You can get them for free or buy them at a good price, so much so that you will have a beautiful garden pot for just a few cents and certain tools. Get your green space and be guided with these DIY ideas for gardeners. Using wooden pallets will get you excited and ready.

build flower pots with pallets

An engraved wooden planter, a pallet planter, a salad tray planter, a ladder planter, a garden planter, a wooden planter, and so on. are several of the usual designs that you have the possibility of making with an easy wooden pallet for your garden.

how to make flower pots with pallets

Making a beautiful planter like this takes multiple hours and some of your imagination and skills with your hands.

ideas to make flower pots with pallets

Depending on the material you have, you can use your pallet or wooden box as is, or offer you some simple details.

Design flower pots with pallets

pallet planter

To start with, clean the wooden pallet thoroughly. Even if you plan to put your planter outside, it is a requirement to make sure that the wood does not have traces of chemical and toxic models inside.

Make flower pots with pallets

pallet planters

If necessary, you can polish and file the wood well, and also add a coat of varnish or paint.


Invite the natural element by creating a basic easy vertical garden from an easy but beautiful wooden interface and a group of mason jars filled with plants or herbs. Add in certain auxiliary mason jars to be useful as chandeliers and also infuse a warm light that propels this endeavor to the wall art statement.


You can take an easy wooden pallet and turn it into a useful vertical herb garden in no time. Simply add funds to your planting area using felt canvas, for example. Place it near your kitchen window to make entry easier or use it to divide different areas on your wooden porch. Remember to treat the wood and take care of it from water and insects.


The resistance of the meaty plants is what suggests them as the ideal contenders for a vertical pallet garden. Simply fill a finished pallet with different variants of the loaded plant and create a fragile composition that will slowly and surely take over the wood from the pallet, making it your own.

Designs of flower pots with pallets


The moment it’s put indoors, a succulent wood pallet garden can become the focal point of an entire wall. Let the beauty of creation speak for itself and watch the beautiful plants that make this wall art grow every year. Put the pallet in a space with plenty of natural light and sprinkle water sporadically.

Create flower pots with pallets


A spring herb garden can be made through the use of wooden pallets as high garden beds, protecting itself from eventual assaults by animals or the rest of the vegetation. Another incredible benefit of using loft beds is the peace of mind. Consequently, you can avoid each and every one of those long hours spent bending over the soles avoiding ending with unbearable back problems.

wooden planters

You can agree with us that the fusion of wood and vegetation is breathtakingly beautiful. There is a subtle and fragile distinction in this association that has deep roots in our unconscious. Therefore, it is natural for pallet wood to be used in indoor and outdoor potting.

Create flower pots with pallets

original wooden planters

Thanks to their elegance, the planters above have not been used for the true purpose of a planter, but rather serve as a support for other ceramic pots that hold herbs and plants, but with the correct care and regimen you can use a planter. made of wood in the same way as a ceramic flowerpot.

wooden planter

Giving an ultra rustic setting, these planter boxes made from repurposed wooden boxes will transform any gray door into a beautiful front end with a country feel. Pry the wooden headstones from pallets and make 2 boxes. Paint them with varnish to make them look novel, put identical plants inside and put them on both sides of your door.

great wooden planter

These pots are intended to house 2 huge pots in a much more interesting way. Find free lollipops. If they are not free, you can buy them locally for very little money. When looking through the pallet stack, look for the pallets with the most useful wood. The length of the slats is ~ 3 feet. The thickness changes from ½ to ¾ thick. The width of the slats can change from 2.5 to 6 inches. Breaking the pallets splits up an acceptable work ratio. Use a jig or circular saw to trim the ends. Leverage the wood from the center support. This should give you 8 to 14 boards per pallet. Remove the nails from the slats. Before you start trimming, determine the best pieces to achieve the expected width.

wall planter

It had multiple long pieces with cracks and / or damage on one side. I was able to cut out the damage and still have usable parts – see the drawings in the introduction for the length of each board. After trimming the pieces, sand them with emery paper to remove any rough blemishes or essential blemishes / paint … unless that’s your desired façade Assemble the top frame (nail and glue) Assemble the bottom interface (nails and glue) Attach the sides to the top frame and the bottom interface (nails and glue). Attach the side edge to the top sides (nail and glue). Put the top edge (nail and glue). Conclude as you like. The version on display is finished with a stained oak stain and covered with an outdoor urethane.

flower planter

There is no better time than the present to start building your garden for the blooming cool season. Use old wooden pallets to make a raised planter with holes drilled in its sides. Fill the box built with soil and fill the holes with flowers that over time will grow and cover the entire pot in a canopy of beauty and colors.

vertical panel

This is a huge endeavor. As you will see, pallets and meaty plants go well together.

vertical garden panel

This vertical pallet planter can be undertaken at an intermediate level of recycling. You have to be ready for filing, but no nailing / trimming / drilling requirement. Your primary weapon of decision is going to be a staple gun. While not challenging enough, there are 2 parts to making this cutie. Let it be known that the pallets on the side of the road did not show stained before.

pallet panel

With the above mentioned, the outcomes of this endeavor are incredibly precious. A vertical planter is the go-to showcase for patio gardening. Dramatically full of flora, it brings an explosion of green to an urban outdoor space. This vertical planter will work your wall like a small show and the best part is that it is carried out from an interface. The pallets are free, they are inexpensive and you can even get them locally for free.

flower pot shelves

Prepare your pallet planter. The initial step is to get a trowel, sand it, and paint it. Pallet wood is quite rough, so we recommend using a filing block or an electric sander. When you have filed, treat the wood according to its priority. We chose a bright red brown spot for this endeavor. The Pocket Tray Procedure In the pocket tray procedure, staple the landscaping canvas from the top of the back frames to the top of the front. This creates pocket trays for your floor.

panel for flowerpots

Measure the length of your pocket tray. You will notice that the front of the pallet has 7 beams, and the rear only 4. Consequently, pockets 1 and 2 will connect to back rail 1. Pockets 3 and 4 to rear rail 2. Pockets 5 and 6 a the back bar 3. Pocket 7 is going to be created at the end of the endeavor the moment you wrap the back, sides and bottom of the pallet as a gift.

Carry out flower pots with pallets

vertical planters

Measure the width of the interface bays. The two sides of the interface compartments must be the same, but it is not unnecessary to review it. When you’re done measuring, cut the landscaping fabric to size. Doing work from the bottom up, first staple the long pockets, so that pockets 6, 4, 2 are first (yellow lines in diagram). Then put the pockets 5, 3, 1 (red lines in the diagram).

vertical gardens

By the time the pockets are in your corner, wrap the bottom and sides of the lollipop just like a gift. This will create pocket 7. The image below shows today’s wrapper. at this point you can stand up to put your planter upright against a wall and put dirt in the pockets.

How to carry out flower pots with pallets

hang the pots

fill your planter with plants and flowers. We are crazy about meaty ones We think this vertical pallet planter works best with meaty ones because they are extremely low-maintenance and beautiful. Make no mistake, your vertical planter will require many plants to fill it.

planters and vertical gardens

We recommend using your pallet planter to grow non-edible items only. The pallets have all kinds of patterns and are chemically treated so that they do not have faults. You don’t want these chemical patterns in your edible plants. For those who dream of a herb paddle planter, certain paddles are heat treated rather than chemically treated. These pallets are marked with an HT. They are much more difficult to obtain. There are many other amazing ideas for growing herbs, such as a vertical herb garden in a plastic bottle.

flower pot shelves

This is another initiative much more than original. If you want to customize an entire wall or garden wall, use wooden boxes and sideboard-shaped pallets to fit inside certain small flower pots. Try all kinds of sizes and shapes, use your imagination.

If a wall planter is what you are looking for, use this example image. We are talking about a perfect design for small terraces or to decorate windows.

original wooden planter

If you have a lot more moment of freedom, we suggest you try this wooden wall planter design. It is very chic.

Authentic Pallet Planter Designs

Free-standing vertical gardens in wooden buildings like the one above are ideal for growing spices, but making one is somewhat more difficult. You must make up the base and sideboards for the drawers.

A much simpler way is this; use a pallet placed vertically on a base. The holes in the pallet can be used for planting.

pallets for vertical gardens

Add another pallet to the back with the appearance of a book and you will have a vertical garden without dependence on double-sided pallets, and made by yourself.

pallet planters

And the undoubtedly much easier version is the one you see above; put a single pallet vertically (better supported on a wall), and decorate it with each and every one of the plants that you achieve.

    wooden planter

This wooden panel with multiple planters looks truly original and modern. You have the possibility to build it simply using only one pallet.

    hanging wooden planter

Hanging pallet planters are something new, and we’ve saved them for home handymen or craft specialists. It is an incredible addition to the living room, bathroom or kitchen.

We hope you have enjoyed our product, until soon.

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