Photos of blue bathrooms

Blue bathroom photos

The bathroom always and at all times it was among the much more essential rooms of the home, although never has so much attention been paid to the decoration of this corner as at this time. And it happens that in these moments the bathroom is considerably more than a room where we can make our claims and get clean. For many, there is talk of the best corner of the home to disconnect from the daily routine and stress and achieve the peace and calm that we all require.

To make the bathroom a space that allows you to relax, there are many things to take into consideration, such as the ornamental style, lighting or order. Of course, it is possible that the most essential thing is to choose the correct colors for each element that belongs to the room. Today we want to focus on among the much more correct for this region of the home: the blue. Specifically, today we have proposed to show you photographs of bathrooms in this color. In addition to this, using the occasion, we are going to offer you certain ideas and tips that will come in really handy to get a special bathroom. Can you come with us?

Virtues of the color blue

Blue is one of the most used colors when it comes to personalizing the bathroom. What is the foundation? Since it is very simple! It is related to the sea and the sky, it results from the much more relaxing and transmits harmony, peace and balance. On the other hand, it is a timeless color that is always and at all times in trend, so it is a safe bet. In addition to this, blue is perfect for bathrooms of all kinds of styles, always and at all times depending on the chosen tonality. In this way, it will serve you for modern bathrooms, vintage, traditional, industrial …

Blue bathroom photos1

How to use blue in the bathroom

Another of the considerable virtues of selecting blue to decorate the bathroom is that it can be found in each and every one of the elements. To serve as an example, it is perfect for walls, now they are painted or have tiles, which is the most common option. It is also perfect for furniture pieces, toilets, textiles and ornamental accessories. Of course, it is essential to take into consideration that depending on where you are going to be present, we will have to select some shades blue or other. In this way, for huge surfaces, it is preferable to opt for visible tones, which visually expand the space and give much more lighting to the area, 2 essential characteristics if we take into account that the bathroom tends to be a small space with little natural light. When it comes to tiles, a very common alternative is to insert various types of blue.

Blue bathroom photos2

How to combine blue

Although you can opt for a one-color decoration, always using different shades of blue (turquoise, light blue, navy …), it is best to combine blue with other colors. The combination that is much used and the one that gives the best results is that of blue and White. If you opt for this alternative, you will get super relaxing and harmonious stays, something ideal if you want to be able to have a feeling of peace and calm in this room. The ideal thing to do in such a case is to opt for white for much larger surfaces and blue for data, although if you choose to do it the other way you will also get very excellent results. Other colors that fit with blue are copper, green, beige or wood tones.

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As we promised at the beginning, now we leave you with our Gallery, where you will find a lot of images of blue bathrooms. They will surely inspire you when decorating your home!

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