Paint for enamelling bathtubs

bathtub paint

The room of bathroom always and at all times it was among the much more essential rooms of the home, but in recent times it has achieved greater importance, since it went from being a space in which to wash and make the claims, to a genuine temple of relaxation, in the one that several of us take advantage of to disconnect after an extended day of work. Hence, currently more attention is paid to its decoration.

In order for a bathroom to be comfortable, warm and pleasant, it is essential that each and every one of the elements that belong to it are contained in good condition, introducing the toilets. However, in these moments of crisis not everyone can be able to reform this room. Fortunately, there are a few choices to update the look of the bathroom. Today, to serve as an example, we want to tell you how to absolutely change your bathtub without the need to replace it with another. We talked about painting it with enamel for bathtubs. We offer you much more information now!

Particular paintings

If your bathtub has chips, scratches or scrapes; shows a worn appearance; It is a color that is out of trend or, simply, you seem listless, you can change its appearance by painting it. And it happens that today it is feasible to find paints on the market remarkable for bathtubs. With them, you will not only be able to color the parts that are damaged, but rather the bathtubs in their entirety. Thus, you will be able to return the light of the past or offer another color that absolutely changes the appearance of your bathroom.

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How are the enamels for bathtubs

The particular enamels for bathtubs that can be found in practically all expert paint and DIY stores are synthetic enamels completed from polyurethane and epoxy resins. In addition to this, there are also enamels with polyester. All of them are super resistant to shocks and scratches and obviously adhere perfectly to the bathtub area. It is also essential to take into consideration that, being of texture flexible, have the ability to withstand the thermal expansions produced by the alternation of hot and cold water. In addition to this, you must know that it is used for the rest of the toilets, with which you will be able to offer exactly the same color to all of them.

Where to find enamels for bathtubs

It is currently feasible to locate bathtub polish in a lot of places. To serve as an example, the Eurotex company provides Bath and Toilet Polyurethane Enamel, a high definition paint suggested for restroom restrooms and bathrooms that provides a shiny finish, fast drying and enormous hardness. In addition to this, it does not yellow.

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How to color the bathtubs

To make it much simpler, in Home ideas We want to tell you how to color the bathtubs. In this way, the first thing that you will have to carry out is to clean it intensively, which means that you will have to remove each and every one of the remains of lime, grease and other types of dirt. It is essential that after cleaning it, you rinse it and dry it well. Now, you will have to protect the taps and the rest of the elements that you do not want to be stained with paint with masking tape. The next step is to file the area, which will require a thick abrasive blade. Later, you will have to return to clean it to remove each and every one of the remains. When finished cleaning, we advise you to apply a first coat of particular paint for toilets, letting it dry now. The next step is to file, although in such a case you will have to use a thin blade. After removing the remains again, you will have to use the second cover. It is essential that you let the paint dry 2 or three days before using the bathtub.

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