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Making a living room or garden room is a great way to offer your home a new living contract. If you are craving extra spaces at home and have the aptitude and budget to extend your garden, don’t hesitate! An amazing outdoor living room can dramatically improve the look and feel of your home, offering a relaxed haven from everyday life. It also has the potential to add value to your property.

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Our guide on how to select the ideal garden room or garden office showcases a plurality of beautiful spaces that will inspire you and, with the support of a designer, you will be able to make your dream garden room. , with a streamlined design perfectly suitable to your space and everyday life pretensions. Are you crazy about your garden? Visit the garden shop and take a look at the compilation of flowers and shrubs.

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Do you dream of having a modern glass pavilion bathed in natural light with panoramic garden views? Or do you think of a kitchen greenhouse with an open dining room? Or perhaps an immaculate extension that blends in with your home with doors that open onto a very elegant patio?

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Whichever garden room you choose, create a space that you love to be in throughout the year, keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter with the best heating, ventilation and blinds you can achieve. be made possible, depending on the orientation of the room.

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Pine ceiling blinds are a great option for south-facing rooms in a sunny garden as they manage to filter 70% of the sunlight. They will also complement a rustic decorating scheme since they are made of firmly woven pine stems.

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When it comes to outfitting your outdoor living room, you really have to estimate the look you want to be able to. Rattan and wood furniture and floral print textiles will create a casual setting, which is perfectly suitable for country-style garden rooms. In a modern glass greenhouse, minimal furniture is going to make the garden more than just the primary focus. Looking for a lot more ways to edit your garden? Get inspired by these splendid garden houses and garden properties.

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A plus room with garden views is a classic alternative for many country homes. Painted solid wood is common and has virtues over other materials such as aluminum. Wood lasts for many years if it is well maintained.

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Contemporary outdoor space designs have the potential to work well even in seasonal homes. Glass with solar characteristics reflects the heat produced from within back into a room and exploits the photons from the sun to the limit. Glass box constructions can be used to link 2 buildings together without distorting the authentic architectural data.

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A pavilion that opens from the kitchen has to be planned carefully. It is worth having a thermal comfort analysis performed and changing your design accordingly to ensure that the space does not get hot enough in summer or cold enough in winter. In large, open spaces, consider using low-noise appliances, as sound is amplified in a glazed region with a hard tile floor.

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The verandas are a murky border between the house and the garden, offering a perfect space to examine the outdoor area.

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Plumbing systems are inexpensive and offer subtle heat. You can mount power mattress systems on existing floors.

Outdoor living spaces

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This is a common style for homes with limited space. Take advantage of the “side return” space in the back of a Victorian or Edwardian townhouse to make a long, tight canopy. Small-scale constructions with a floor area of ​​less than 30 m2 are normally exempted from the construction rules.

garden lounge design

Here, a nice dining room provides shelter from the sun. The trellis design blends in perfectly with the greenery and foliage.

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When integrating a lot of glass into a design, be sure to accept plenty of ventilation, to keep the room cool throughout the much warmer months.

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Garden rooms have the potential for a multitude of uses, such as adding value to your property. Excited to find one? Whether you want to make your sanctuary private, set up a gym, or turn it into a work investigation to indulge in your favorite hobby or hobby, there are many ways you can use your space.

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If you work from home and are craving a home office, or starting a business, then you will need a desk and somewhere that is relaxed and productive. A garden room can give you the space and peace you need. A home office is also a great idea for your kids’ school work, taking them away from their distractions and into a peaceful office or garden room with a library, allowing them to focus, power, and progress overall outcomes.

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Do you have guests to spare? There will be no need to worry as the garden rooms have the potential to provide much more space and privacy for visitors.

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Relax the stress by installing a sauna or steam room in your home, such as a shower in your garden room. Personalize your space to be your special sanctuary, consider using oil or incense burners, and you could even enhance the spa experience with a water massage bathtub. Health is more essential at this time than ever, and a garden room is the ideal space to do your gym. Use the correct lighting for setting, and don’t forget cushions, pillows, and a yoga mat, naturally. We have previously discussed how garden rooms are to be used, and this is still a very productive concept.

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Why not transform your outdoor room into your bar? If you brew your beer, make your wine, and enjoy making your spirits, expand your hobby by creating your bar. Get together with your family and friends without the need to leave your garden.

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You have the possibility to enjoy your favorite games using a garden room to make your game room for vintage video consoles. Think old and new consoles, dance and music games, and even arcade machines for a blast from the past. We guarantee that you will have a great time!

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