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The outdoor lighting for patios and gardens it is always and at all times an aspect of utmost importance when designing a passageway. Today’s Led lights offer infinite options for effective lighting for outdoor areas, hence today we want to introduce you to various types of lights for gardens and strategic areas where to put them.

Tips for outdoor patio and garden lighting

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Before investing in any landscape lighting, ask yourself what your purposes are for estimating lighting in your backyard. Perhaps you want to be slow and romantic throughout the evening hours, or perhaps you have a bench or a shady corner of the garden that needs lighting for safety reasons. A path that leads through the garden may need landscape lighting to mark its borders. You may also want to highlight certain specifications of your backyard such as a water feature or pond.

Authentic floor tiles with Led lights

garden floor tiles led lights

Having defined your causes for estimating adding landscape lighting, draw your garden. Integrate existing lights, buildings, benches, trees, and shrubs, as well as greenery and decorations in the garden, into the sketch. All these elements will reflect the light or absorb it. Estimate the height of all the elements, especially the foliage.

Garden lighting design

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A slow setting can be made by hiding the landscape lighting under bushes. A trail may need a succession of short play lights along its edge on one side or both sides. A water feature can be enhanced with a projector, and a pond has the ability to have subtle lighting near its perimeter.

Beautiful outdoor lighting for gardens

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The landscape lighting that needs the most effort to arrange is 120 volt lighting. The wiring for these types of garden lights must be buried 18 inches deep or enclosed in conduit to protect it from water. A licensed electrician must arrange electrical items.

Outdoor lighting for gardens

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Low voltage landscape lighting for the backyard requires only an outdoor receptacle and a transformer. The transformer transforms the 120 volts that come from the domestic line to 12 volts that can be used to operate the lights.

Original outdoor garden lighting with pool

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The much simpler outdoor lighting to put in the backyard is energy lighting from the sun. This kind of lighting does not have ropes to hide itself. It should be placed in such a way that the photovoltaic cell in the lighting fixture receives enough light throughout the day so that it glows throughout the night.

How to light a patio

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You must itemize a budget before purchasing the lights. Keep in mind that the much more expensive tend to be the high voltage landscape lighting, their price is about 100 Euros precisely.
Add the through-site value for the electrical contractor installing the wiring to the value of the lighting for an added fee.

Nice garden design with pool and Led lights

nice garden pool led lights

The much cheaper outdoor lighting is low voltage, which costs about 30 Euros per light. This genre of lighting can be easily installed by yourself. However, the least expensive outdoor lighting is from the sun. Since solar lights rely on photons from the sun and a built-in photovoltaic device to run, they don’t need installation costs or a lot of money to operate. The initial value of the solar lights is the only value that will be incurred. If you are lighting a dark section of your yard and the sunlight from the landscape is not correct throughout the day, you will need to have a sun panel installed in a high sunlight location and wire to your solar lights.

Ideas for lighting garden paths

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If you want to highlight a single element in your garden such as a sculpture, an ornament or a fountain, you should consider the use of certain landscape lighting accessories with lower intensity bulbs. Put these at multiple angles and distances. Only a bright light that directly illuminates the object will create harsh shadows.

Led lights to illuminate the outdoor steps

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Landscape lights that make soft spots of light are good for garden paths. Put the lights at equal distances around the path you want to light.

Authentic vintage style Led lanterns

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Landscape lighting details a large and different family of outdoor lighting accessories. These versatile, weather-resistant lights can be used to illuminate paths, flower beds, trees, fences, driveways, stone walls, gates and much more.

Terrace with indirect Led lighting

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Certain landscape lighting systems run on your home’s 120-volt power. For DIY installation, however, we highly recommend low-voltage systems that run on only 12 volts. They are less expensive, much simpler to arrange, much safer, and consume less energy.

Blue lights provide a moonlight feel to your garden landscape

multi-colored outdoor lighting

There are dozens of low-voltage light fixtures and free add-ons in a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and finishes. Virtually all systems, regardless of their difficulty, are made up of 4 basic parts.

Led lighting ideas for gardens

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Transformer: The capacity behind each low voltage system is the transformer. It connects to a GFCI-guarded outdoor electrical outlet and lowers the household current from 120 volts to 12 volts. Most transformers are equipped with a 24-hour timer that lets customers choose when the lights switch on and off seamlessly. automatic.

Gorgeous garden lighting

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Transformers are classified according to maximum capacity. Models range from about 44 watts to 900 watts. To find out what size transformer you need, simply add up the wattage of each and every light in the system. For example, if you plan to assemble 10 18-watt light fixtures, you will need a transformer with a capacity of at least 180.

Great modern garden designs with Led lights

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Low voltage electric cable: The cable used for landscape lighting is made particularly for underground burial. It runs from the transformer to every fixture in the system. Low voltage cable is generally free in 12, 14 and 16 gauges. The lower the number, the more bulky the cable will be and the greater its fitness.

Original garden with Led lights

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The cable to use is largely dependent on the size of the transformer and the length of the cable required. For example, a 300-watt transformer can feed 100 feet of 16-gauge wire or 150 feet of 14-gauge wire or 200 feet of 12-gauge wire. Check with lighting developer for size. suitable cable for your particular system.

Authentic solar garden lamps

solar lamps for gardens

Path lights: Designed for installation over walkways and driveways, this kind of installation represents the much more elegant look of landscape lights. Gleaming copper or metal-plated fixtures stand out, while accessories painted green, black or copper have the possibility to blend in with the environment.

Authentic solar garden lamps

led garden lamps

Accent Lights: The unsung heroes of any landscape lighting design are accent lights. These accessories, which are frequently hidden from view, contain reflectors, projectors, overhead lights, and washing accessories. They are familiar with lighting trees, shrubs, walls, flower beds, fences, ponds, and other landscape specifications.

Authentic lights for modern gardens

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Installing your own low-voltage lighting system requires three essential steps: laying the cable, arranging the transformer, and connecting the lights. Laying the cable: Begin by placing the lamps on the ground where they will be arranged. Now, unwind the low voltage power cord reel and lay the cord next to the plugs. If you hit an obstacle, such as a rock, tree, or fence, put the cable under or near it.

Small built-in lights on the stairs

built-in lights benches stairs

At this time use a square blade shovel to cut a 2-3 inch deep trench along the line where you want the light fixtures to be. The trench should not be perfectly straight, it does not need to remove the dirt from the trench. It is enough to step on the shovel on the ground and pull the handle back and forth to open a deep trench with the appearance of a V.

Great Modern Design Garden Lights

garden lights modern design

Put the cable in the trench and push it all the way down with a short, narrow piece of half-inch-thick plywood. Do not use a shovel or other tool as you could accidentally trim the cable.

Original garden lighting design

indirect lights led stones design

Transformer installation: The low voltage cable is made up of 2 separated copper wires glued together. You should strip them until such time as you have about 4 inches free on each and every wire. Now use wire spacers to remove about 5/8 inch of insulation from each side. Slide the wires through the retaining strap on the back of the transformer and also insert one wire under screw terminal A and the other wire under screw terminal B. Tighten the screws to secure the wires.

Solar lights for garden plots

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Now drive a pressure-treated 2 x 6 stake into the ground next to an outdoor electrical outlet. Attach the transformer to the stake with galvanized or stainless steel screws. Secure the cable to the stake with retracted cable staples.

Authentic Led terrace lights

Led patio terrace lights

Link the lights and put a plastic cover «while plugged in» on the outdoor outlet. This type of cover protects the exit from rain and snow, but leaves a simple entrance.

Original pergola lighting

Led garden pergola lights

Plug the power cord of the transformer into the outlet. Now, link each lamp to the wire. Most landscape lighting accessories come with pre-wired quick-fit connectors that are simple to use. Simply pinch the connector on the cable. The sharp tips on the connectors pierce the wire and make contact with the wires. Since the transformer is now connected, the appliance should be turned on. If it doesn’t, detach the connector and also try again, or check the lamp.

Original terrace lighting

Simple terrace Led lights

The moment you’ve connected the cable, lift the light fixture up and press its pointed stake intensely into the ground. Take care not to pierce the buried wire. Check to make sure fixture is straight, then go to next light. When each and every plug-in is installed, fill the narrow cable trench with soil and the top with grass seed.

Led lights for different garden areas

Led garden area lights

We hope that with these tips the work of lighting your garden will be much clearer and simpler, at this moment we leave you with much more images of examples of outdoor lighting for patios and gardens, enjoy the walk.

Garden Path Lights

round garden ground lights

Choosing subtle lights for the garden

indirect dimmer led garden lights

Modern stairs with Led lights

original patio stair lights

Authentic garden tiles with Led lights

original garden tiles led lights

Cement columns with lights

original columns cement lights garden

Diamond-like lights

original diamond shaped lights

Authentic Led Garden Floor Lights

original integrated Led lights

Nice patio with lights on the ground

patio terrace lights ground

Exterior lighting designs

patio garden led lights

Minimalist-style outdoor lighting

patio style mininmalist led lights

Magnificent large pool with Led lights

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Pool with purple lights

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Original updated terrace design with Led lights

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